HWS AM Not Collecting

Has 90+ drill charges according to HWS Connect but has not collected anything overnight. Have come to rely upon this now with Uranus being so short on resources.

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the HWS Autominer seems not to be working for me since yesterday evening on the EU PVP Server.
Enough Fuel is in it, but no more ore than yesterday evening.
Would be glad if someone could take a loo in it.


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Yip me aswell, i typed am:get:all a few times and nothing happend checked connect and it sais i have 0 of everything but there is fuel. Not sure if its just not accumulating or its removing from am but not placing in backpack will have to test in abit.

hm it was not mining the last day… Just for sme who got a new one.
I restarted the tool. Lets see if it works again.

working now :]

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