Hey @everyone,

I had to do another task before finishing the HWS 8 universe:

GDPR — General Data Protection Regulation

Some chair men / women thought it is a cool idea to swing a big hammer, not well thought out until the end but so be it.
It is and will be a grey area for game servers, multiplayer games in general but regarding the §§ they have technically the same responsibility to take care of privacy as any other company / website as well. Even a nickname in the internet falls down under GDPR.
I don’t want to bore you with details but just let you know that I did my part in making HWS ready for that law.


The forum (software and its community behind) has some options to delete all of your posts, let you download all the content you created here and anonymize you, which means you are history then.

HWS Website

For the website we have as always our privacy and tos page.

HWS Connect

This is a bit more tricky so I took some time to program you a nice little popup. As soon as you agreed, it won’t show up anymore until you clear your browser local storage. However you can always display it in your Hotview settings again.

This popup will greet you in HWS Connect now:

It’s important for me / us that you feel good at HWS and I know for some people this is an important topic so I took responsibility for that.

I hope I can focus now on the HWS 8 universe because it is still a long way to go :scream_cat:

Your HWS Team


Much protekt
Super safe
Very wow

I value the law honestly, but the added work for you is awkward.

That said; I’ll just be blanket accepting the opt-in’s for holding my info to make adapting to it as simple as possible for yourself and most other website providers.

This is really great thanks Rex :]

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Guess we will know soon who all the porn addicts are…

Lol is that the reason for this? I thought it was to avoid personal info like real name and such.

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Mwahaha you’ll never be able to access my Collection of ‘sensitive’ xenomorph photographs! Mwahaha!

Ok Ok…i’ll give you a freebie:

(Nasty ‘Alein’ Xenomorph picture below! If you’re scared of bad teeth do not open! :slight_smile: )


Dang it @TacoIsland …I told you about my stash of 7 Days to Die steamy Sexual Intercorpse pics in confindence. why did you have to go and tell everyone…ooops lol. Thanks and keep up great work Rex!

Well, he has moar teeth than I do…

Within a few months my 7 month old will have one pop through, then he automagically has more than me.

Best decision I ever made, fuck brushing!
And snickers
And payday
And almond joy (mounds are ok)

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I kept it vague!

Cool @RexXxuS does this mean i can download a cv blueprint i lost on my pc from your database? :exploding_head:

Tell him no.


idk if anyone else has been experiencing this lately, but the connect page will occasionally get bugged and start reloading on its own (inside the steam web browser) every 5 seconds or so… the only fix has been to clear cookies and cache from steam settings… Valve did just recently update the chromium engine it runs on so that may be the culprit, or perhaps the ad banners?
tl:dr: i might have to accept the GDPR often because of clearing cache in steam web overlay.


yes, I experienced this too and after clearing the steam webbrowser thoroughly I was able to fix it. Not sure the real reason yet.


yep thats how its done.