HWS Autominer - levels gone

The ore HWS autominers work again. However we did lose our autominers after 2.0 somewhere. I’m not sure what happened at the time, did we get our money back for upgrading them or something? Because now that they are active again, they are lvl 0 - 1 again (except for the gold miner)…
I don’t want to spend millions of credits on autominers if perhaps in 6.0 or something they get reset again like what happened last time. Or was this a bug?

I made a topic about this a long time ago regarding the NA server but it was due to my inactivity + NA got a new server so that explains the loss of my stuff on NA. But on EU I should still have those higher level autominers for zasconium and all.
I never bothered with it because I assumed they would never return. But now they returned so now the reset of the HWS autominers is a costly thing.

^Or is that intended?

As we announced they were frozen the whole 4.0 till now. But the time has come… they are awaken again!
This is for helping people living in PvP and need to defend their base 24/7 of course… It is also a more flexible way of playing with resources and support the trading globally for people who are in need

Hope I didn’t misread again but that doesn’t say anywhere: “We reset your non-gold hws autominers to lvl 0 or 1 again”. Unless in 3.0 there was a message that I missed.

I’m just gonna manually rebuy the HWS autominers again. This time I screenshot it all and if they get reset to lvl 0 or 1 again I got at least evidence… They cost up to 1.080.000 credits each… Expensive bug.

For active player they were frozen. Player who did not play for a very long time will be cleaned by the tool to save performance.
So all good as far as I see.