HWS Black Friday | X-Mas Special | Golden Globe Change

Hey @everyone,

Golden Globe recover mode

today is a black friday in a different meaning - no golden surface on GG anymore!
It’s nice to see my invention of a golden surface with the new splatmap planerts got so great accepted and even influenced the meta but it’s time to settle a bit. Think about what you can do with all that gold and move on to new journeys.

At least until Gold is recovering and EGS transform it again into a real Golden Globe…

But no worry… something else came out of the dark… something nobody could think of…

A new journey is waiting for you… on a far planet… the only information we have got is that some sneaky Lurkers hiding a white treasure in their seas…

Go out and find it! I think after you found it you will get a great boost in your Magnesium supplies!

HWS X-mas special teaser

Get excited for a 24 days HWS X-mas special series!

Happy hunting. Happy waiting for a massive update coming soon on HWS!

Your HWS Team

P.S.: If you want a cool event watch out for the Auctoria and Top Gun event running this weekend!


gj cheeselords :smiley:

Does the rest of the world go nuts on this day about shopping for X-Mas? I thought only Americans were that crazy…Though I will be resting comfortably in my home safe from the holiday nuts. Online gives me all the sales I need.

Might have to go look for that hidden treasure…while others fight for their treasures…

So even less reason to be there outside of the ~one hour it takes to mine out the deposits on reset day? pvp is already dead

Magnesium as a reward isn’t as rewarding as much as you might think. Sure, magnesium was forced into “rare” status, but a single autominer level 8+ will supply enough magnesium for multiple players. Considering that meaningful pvp doesn’t even happen anymore, and that pve is so easy and basically pointless, there are no major outlets to use the ammo.

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ahh hell i agree with meat_bag, and also you took away the whole point of gg pvp and a reason to go after gg , the metorites dont give you crap in gold not like in se 6 and the deposits only reset once a week, if you changed the reset times to say same as gg space every 24 hours it would in increase the reason to take gg and hold it at the same time increaseing the pvp etc

Maybe spread the gold mets around a bit more liberally? Iceworld and Desertworld could do with a few.

the thing is, gold meteors are pathetic compared to deposits, and even to mining the planet. You can get maybe 10x the amount of gold from planet digging versus the time it takes to mine a meteor and find a new one.

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Indeed - but I was more thinking from the perspective of newer players who’d happily mine 999 or so from a meteorite in 5 mins.

true, zirax HQ is the only other gold meteor spawn atm

As an experienced and dangerous PvPer I keep seeing the opportunities for PvP reducing by the day. We have had continuous reduction of the fighting power of SVs, HVs and particularly CVs in the last few months (not your fault Rex), introduction of OP and anti-grief zones which make it almost impossible to have a good fight and gain any ground when you are winning - or lose ground when you are not. A lot of the time those of us who like PvP are getting shot full of holes by invulnerable unmanned bases with infinite ammo - an incredibly frustrating situation. Last night I actually managed my first kill in days, whereas a few months ago I could almost guarantee a fight and a kill (or death) every day. Most of my SV damage yesterday came from trying to identify whether a base was OP or not. We are now in danger of being bored to death rather than getting killed by an opposing faction.

We need the excitement put back into the game. We need the game breaking bugs fixed before the introduction of yet more ‘pretty’ items such as Crew NPCs etc. My apologies for ranting on a bit, but I do feel that these issues need to be aired, and what used to be the beginnings of a well rounded game is in serious danger of being tamed down to a Minecraft equivalent which is for a different gaming level.

And yes, I shall be posting an equivalent to this on the Eleon forum, because I I consider most of the problems as stemming from them not from HWS.


also just FYI golden globe’s surface and/or mountains are still very much minable. I think Rexx’s wording of it is just very misleading - the minable parts of the planet are now colored black/dark grey instead of golden sprinkles.

Hey, do i get this thing right? There is still all the Gold there on GG, but it just doesnt look like Gold anymore? Greetings

it’s fools gold, if you mine it and try sell it you will get your money, then a few days later you will get people knocking at your door with black suits.