HWS+ Changelogs

In this topic you will find changelogs about HWS+ (transferred from Discord in here automatically)

Changelogs can include anything we are currently working on, so you can keep yourself up to date.

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• Removed Ventilators from Shaon Community House until Eleon fixes their… bug (I reproduced it and it should be fixed with the upcoming patch)

• Fixed a lot of dialogue issues

• Added more info to dialogues (e.g. the T2 Warp Drive can be modded)

• Added a new Astronomy Quest

Accessible via EGS Web it gives you a feeling of NASA.

• Added Auto Miners T1-T3 to the Star Fragment Commodity Trader
• Improved Item Invest Quest a bit
• Fixed multiple Star Fragments in the second expansion (fixed in next season). No harm right now, the opposite, you have more to trade
• Added Teleporter to TSCG (needs regeneration after sleep)
• Fixed wrong Xu/Xo playfield info about Origin XP requirement to enter

Hello guys,
I’m sorry for the lack of changelogs.
Once a big system (over the years) is established it’s always quite time consuming to rework it.
Just want to give you guys a status report of what is coming this week or some of it latest on next Monday, with the 1.8.5 patch (since some fixes are important):
• Reworked the TSCG (Time Space Continuum Generator) logic. For the expansion you don’t need Star Fragments anymore.
• Added visual effects to let you know the universe expansion got activated
• Players who turn in Crystals get rewarded with Techtree unlocks and HWS Skill Points
• Star Fragments don’t need Clone Missions anymore
• TEAMS adjustments
• TEAMS Element conversion. Convert your “vanilla” resources into Elements.
• Adding fully working Tech Tree
• All Elements put in Ultra Epic OCD category
• Reworking Constructor logic due to the crafting limitation (thus Grenade Frag ammo can’t be crafted right now)
• Fixing a lot of Dialogue issues
• Improving a lot of Dialogue Quests
• Ammo crafting recipes
• A new Elemental Garage ship
• A lot of config balancements regarding Mass, CPU, Thrusters and Weapons (preparation for Elemental Garage ships)
• Opening up the PvP Homeworld Moons for farming Elements
• A new feature for your ships…

=> I want to fix and polish everything what is possible this season, so you have a fun base line and can fully understand what HWS+ is about.

Big HWS+ Patch:
• Added all new HWS items to OCD Ultra Epic category
• Big rework to the TSCG mechanic.
You can turn in your Crystals and trigger that way the universe expansion now - independent from Clone Missions and Star Fragments. Players who turn in a full element crystal charge get 10-20 HWS Level XP and 1 Elemental Unlock Point (see below)
• Elemental Stone is still taking your Elemental Power you can get from Star Fragments for bonus rewards but is not responsible for expanding the universe and handling the TSCG anymore
• Star Fragment rework. You don’t need the Clone Missions anymore and it’s not dependent on the Community progress. Just the chain is still important. Collect 1, then 2, then 3 and so on.
• Main Quest rework. First EGS HQ Mission got reworked. You have now a dedicated Teleporter to the HWS Welcome Lobby, where you can find a EWS Training against Elemental “Bots”.
• Reworked PDA and Dialogue for the Main Quest to make it less linear and more adaptive.
• Start of adding contextual based Journey Book PDA entries, where the HWS Connect AI will give you the answers you are all looking for (test it at the Elemental Stone on ECC)
• Added first and new Elemental Garage ship. Thanks to <@805642851144695808> . This was hopefully my last Garage Master job - we get new Garage Masters this week.

• replaced annoying TrapDoor animation sound (too loud)
• Put almost all new HWS items/blocks into the OCD Ultra Epic category
• Added Elemental Unlock Points as a form of currency to exchange them at Prof Void for unlocking Elemental items.
• Increased Energy consumption of Auto Miners by 50% - part 1 of tackling inflation.
• Forgot to add Volume to Auto Miners, since they are Commodities too
• Reduced Xeno Block Mass to Vanilla value again. I’ll do more of the config cleanup this week. Again, the plan is to take vanilla as baseline and adjust all values properly of course, to our needs.
• Adapted Thruster values from Vanilla (temporary, as baseline. Doing feedback rounds next and own tests. Overall my goal with thrusters is to have CVs with lots of weapons seen as mothership, not that agile like SVs. Feedback about that? To compensate this, I was thinking of adding Elemental Garage only Thrusters for CVs, that still have a big thrust)
• The Chaos system is now revealed together with the seventh Star Fragment (the whole system needs more testing first though. Please don’t rush for it just yet, you will get absolutely destroyed)
• Improved EGS HQ with new additions/changes
• Added Teleporter to/from TSCG/EGS HQ
• Added Creative mode to HWS+ Creative Scenario
• Changed ECC Gravity to 0.7G

• fixed Valentines Mission had no Keys (see patch 1.8.5 patch notes - a bug I reported and it finally got fixed: Items are not saved in an Admin Core blueprint)
• fixed Carbon Ore was set in Ultra Epic Category
• fixed Landing Gears had a Hardness of 50 (vanilla)
• fixed / reworked some new Dialogue quests
• fixed EGS HQ animated door missing trigger
• fixed Terra static had wrong EWS material

What couldn’t be fully tested and needs more time for tomorrow:
• TEAMS adjustments
• TEAMS Element conversion. Convert your “vanilla” resources into Elements.
• Adding fully working Elemental Tech Tree (unlock them)
• Reworking Constructor logic due to the crafting limitation (thus Grenade Frag ammo can’t be crafted right now)
• Ammo crafting recipes
• Reworking / fixing current Stargate Missions

• Added the HWS Garage ship for real this time. See the price table in the forum as first iteration (which the Garage Master(s) needs to work with me on asap)
• Updated some MarketPrices for Elemental items/blocks
Unfortunately the new patch today destroyed the TSCG decals, so no explosion animation for now

• Added a big rework of the EGS Web mechanic. Instead of routers it’s bound to the playfield and if you become a Network Manager or not.
• Added new EGS Web Tutorial. Let us know if it answers all your question about the rework I mentioned above.

• Added more explanations to EGS Web and other Quests
• Added Elemental Multitool unlock possibility at Prof Void

• Fixed EWS Training Gun Mission wasn’t working
• Fixed missing new item icons, decals and models
• Completed Lux Boss logic (needs testing)
• Updated Element POIs

• Added more Information for the EGS Web Network feature
• Added new HWS Feature: Selling structures for credits: New HWS Feature: Sell your structures for Credits 💸 - YouTube
(took a while… going back to HWS+ todos next again)

• Fixed some blocks were not considered in the sell structure feature

HWS+ EU/NA Server Maintenance to apply patch:
• reworked / updated Elemental Hacking Mission (added Dealer Instance)
• changed Freelancer Token into Explorer Token as first iteration and made it not to drop after death anymore. Every Explorer can get only 1 per season now.
• big loot distribution change for Alien Container / Reward Tokens for Missions. Abundant Elements phase 1.
• improved start PDA / Clone Academy flow
• fixed wrong TSCG on some starter planets
• added RIP Game 1 Trap Bridge Event

• Added new Event: Discord
• After lot of player Feedback: Rebalanced new sell structure for credits payback rates. See screenshot.
It’s still observed daily how it will impact the economy on greater scale.

• Reworked almost all HWS Stargate Missions in terms of our new Reward Token logic. It’s now about balancing the end loot, which is way easier than before.
• Temporary Alpha change: all Elemental Items and Blocks are now unlockable for 100 Unlock Points! (Turrets, all ammo, Chaos turrets/weapons, etc.). I’m not that satisfied with Prof. Void right now, so I just rework him and in the meantime you can fully play the Element potential.

• Balanced / improved Item Investment Quest
• Fixed missing Coltan on Endora

  • Preparing big patch for upcoming week…

• Added Carbon Ore to the ItemInvestment Dialogue Quest
• Renamed Ultra Epic reward Token to Insane Reward Token (and the proper Mission Quest guy)
• Added 1 Volume to Pentaxid Crystals. Otherwise you can’t use the Station Services to buy Pentaxid.

• Merge to latest version:

• Fixed some pfs
• Fixed missing EGS HQ Recruit Wall Token

• Added a lot of events. (Eton is missing, otherwise check the #hws-events channel in Discord )
• Fixed some Battle Royale issues after testing it
• Fixed some SV DM issues after testing it
• Fixed some Quake Arena issues after testing it, thanks @CyIvIpak .
• Improved FPS performance of the Quake Arena / playfield.
• Added EGS Web Tutorial for Job Center
• Moved all Element Essence, Elemental Multitool and all Elemental Hand Guns to Legendary OCD category
:warning: Removed all Element Devices / Blocks from storing in the OCD. Sorry, but I think this is needed for long term balance, especially for PvP. If someone with Chaos Turrets on day 1 after a full wipe shows up, nobody (new players), can just rage quit then.
Again, I’ll make sure that within a season you get plenty of Elements and the flow is smooth. Especially if you got PvP Tokens transferring over to the next season, that can be seen as shortcut.
Please use the Deconstructor to get Elements out of your stored Devices and re-store them as Crystals for example.

• Until the end of the season I allowed all Elemental items/blocks to be deconstructed. All elemental devices stored in the OCD so far, can be converted to Crystals now.