HWS Community & new HWP Member

Good Evening HWS Community,
we just now reached 30 000 Players joined on HWS EU - about 25 000 joined HWS NA over the last 4+ years.

Some incredible numbers I would have not believed on March 2016 as I started with HWS. I was a (tryhard) gamer myself before (Semi Pro in Warcraft 3), never hosted any game, so this is really incredible to have come that far, building HWS up from scratch.
Nevertheless Alpha 12 right now is hands down the most difficult patch in this history and I’m quite burned out right now.

Hence I appreciate it a lot if I see the Community is helping each other. New players have tons of questions and many of you answer them, helping them.
Additionally I want to announce a new @HWS Police member addition: welcome @Dr. Dark to the HWP!
He is around for years, made the HWS Help bot (?hws), helping us a lot in the Forum and Discord and has now a good way to help you even more ingame. Thanks for your help!

Your HWS Team


Congrats Dr Dark, good to have another copper about :stuck_out_tongue: