HWS CONFIG -> effective VS effective*

In HWS config spreadsheet we have two different effective versions:
HV plasma turret for example is effective* versus Alien and effective versus Hull combat

I could not find a comment that explains what effective* means.

If you hover in gdoc (Chrome) with your mouse you should see the comment.

The Alien attribute in combination with some projectiles behave differently.

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Thanks, I investigated and the problem was the link!
I’m not sure where I got it from, either discord or forum.

That’s full editor mode and comments do popup !
If you use the htmlview variant it should be updated with the edit variant;)

One more thing:
I tested the Epic pulse rifle against aliens in POIs (those zombie-terror ones) and I didn’t get the impression it’s effective. I switched back to T2 assault rifle which is more effective in killing them.
The same counts for the epic laser rifle, it was horrible against those aliens.

Both guns should have higher DPS, all 3 guns show EFFECTIVE against Body (which should be those aliens?) Epic Laser rifle is also effective against “Aliens” in case Terrors are Aliens.
But T2 Assault was the best to use.
(The pulse rifle did wonders against spawning pads though)

I guess I misunderstand something in that regard ?

Plasma and Minigun also seem to have been heavy nerfed against creatures/NPC’s

It seems so ?
But based on config not, so it would be a hidden change of the game not reflected in any values you could see.

I have only found two weapons to currently be effective against NPC’s. Shotguns and Assault Rifles. The minigun isn’t bad like the plasma or laser but isn’t what it used to be. The Rocket Launcher does OKAY against groups but due to the very slow reload I find it less effective than just using a shotgun.

Most of the feedback here is based on “it was different before”.
Answer: “it was”.
It is different now and you can’t yolo steamroll Alien Asylum with your Plasma Cannon anymore.

Check EWS out for details and prepare with that in mind.

Not all hostile stuff counts as Alien. Horror might count as NPC even.
The list what is what isn’t public yet but if it does not do effective damage you know you have to switch the weapon.