HWS Connect Celebration | 1000+ Users

Hey @everyone,

we are happy to announce that we have over 1000 (1041) Users logged in to HWS Connect since Alpha 7 / HWS 7!

:rofl: :smiley_cat: :star_struck: :fireworks: :tada:

And as a warm welcome / thank you you get a special HWS Connect Daily Loot package!

(only this weekend. End is monday evening. No refunds. Not possible to exchange in credits.)

Thank you everyone and really glad you like this idea I had about connecting the server with the website.
Motivates me a lot to boost this a lot in the future.

What you can get excited for:

  • overall new HWS NPC Trader system: HWS NPC Delivery. Click a button on the website and you get the NPC Trader package into your inventory

  • Set Bounty over HWS Connect

  • Better and more banking system via HWS Connect

  • Buy Lottery tickets over HWS Connect and get notified if you have won

  • BIG X-Mas special

  • Android App

  • much more :slight_smile:

Thanks again and party hard :smiley:

Your HWS Team

P.S.: Thanks to @Jumalein for this lovely sign in front of ECC :slight_smile: :heart:
P.P.S.: I fixed all starter Prof. Void Portals (hopefully) and Combat Testing facility and ESR Missions. A cool Stargate feature is coming for A8!