HWS Connect | Changelog

HWS Connect v5.31.00 | 07.10.2019

Add: Better visual what daily loot box is active now
Fix: Wrong coordinates for the Player Info

HWS Connect v5.31.02 | 12.10.2019

Fix: Able to sell Epic Drill as HWS Trader
Fix: Weapon stacking in the backpack

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HWS Connect v5.32.01 | 12.10.2019

Add: HWS PDA Collaboration feature!

HWS Connect v5.34.00 | 21.10.2019

Add: Personal Teleportation Device (PTD) Feature
Add: HWS Garage Sale statistics (preparation for Leaderboard next)
Add: Playfield Restricted areas to prevent usage in Events
Fix: Marketplace bugs

HWS Connect v5.34.10 | 22.10.2019

Add: Daily Loot Cycle Countdown
Fix: Marketplace down
Fix: Marketplace stats on Firefox

HWS Connect v5.36.00 | 30.10.2019

Add : Activated the new SV Deathmatch Event with our new HWS Connect Event Manager
Add: New feature about death and clicking Fresh start by accident. You get for 30 seconds after you do this a popup to get back where you were.


HWS Connect v5.36.04 | 16.12.2019

  • Changed Alien Core image
  • Updated Alien Core Description
  • Removed RP cost for Resource Packages
  • Reduced HWS Supporter Price from 11 to 10 €

HWS Connect v5.38.00 | 08.04.2020

A new patch got released to HWS Connect and patches inbetween I forgot to protocol. Mainly internal tests and feature testing about HWS Connect Events. For now, paused…

  • (Hopefully) Fixed sometimes not getting Daily Loot and Daily Vote through HWS Connect
  • Fixed Structure Commander is empty on second click in the sidebar

Thanks Hayawen!

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HWS Connect v5.42.50 | 30.06.2020

Some silent patches, some urgent patches, some necessary patches due Alpha 12.
I want to protocol everything better soon again.

  • Added new Supporter Packages: Supergates
  • Added feature to disallow Marketplace items
  • Fixed HWS Skill Tree issues
  • Fixed Daily Loot issues
  • Fixed HWS Trader new item config importer

Thanks Hayawen and Jascha!

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HWS Connect v5.43.00 | 05.07.2020

  • Added new Structure Commander Columns
    • Owner Type: filter faster for private and faction structures
    • Solar System
    • Last Warped: relevant for the auto wipe on ECC
  • Changed some Structure Commander Column orders

HWS Connect v5.44.00 | 06.07.2020

  • Added your Entity ID to your Player Info overview
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HWS Connect v5.44.01 | 19.07.2020

  • Fixed fa:info and fa:supply to o:info and o:supply
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HWS Connect v5.45.00 | 28.07.2020

  • Replaced ToU agreement checkbox with Disclaimer on Support Us page after legal consultation
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HWS Connect v5.46.00 | 18.08.2020

  • Added a new Inactivity Page. It is shown, as soon as a player is not active on that specific server for the last 7 days.
    To guarantee up to date information and avoid any side conflicts, you have to login to the proper server and play a bit again.

HWS Connect v5.49.00 | 25.08.2020

  • Added the permanent OCD Slot in HWS Connect to reflect that

HWS Connect v5.50.00 | 01.11.2020

  • Added Sticky Table Headers for HWS Connect Marketplace. Filter and Header stay at top now while you scroll

HWS Connect v5.55.00 | 31.12.2020

HWS Connect my old broken friend… you will get the love you deserve in 2021! I promise!

HWS Connect v5.58.05 | 07.02.2021

  • Adapted HWS Connect to Patch 1.4 new IDs. Converted all IDs in Marketplace, OAM, etc.

HWS Connect v5.58.10 | 26.02.2021

  • Preparations for HWS RE server
  • Fixed bug since ever: Guilty tag was only visible on the Hunterboard, if player had 0 Bounty. Properly fixed it now, that Guilty tag is set no matter the Bounty and that Guilty players’ Playfield is showen, where they are in.

HWS Connect v5.64.02 | 12.10.2021

  • Finally replacing annoying 404 not found item icons with empty placeholder item icon. Hover over it to see what item it should be.