HWS Supergate

To enhance the HWS Universe gameplay we have implemented Supergates.
They give you the option to transport from A to B even with your (docked) ship(s).

Just keep in mind that ONLY the pilot should use the sg:warp command and not the Passengers!


  • Fly near the Supergate and wait for the message “Initializing Supergate Zone: Ready

  • Then type sg:? in chat to see all possible destinations

  • The command is used like: sg:warp:shortcut of location. (For Example: sg:warp:ecc for warping to the ECC-Orbit)

Color Code

  • Blue Supergate: You can warp from and to freely
  • Green Supergate: You can warp freely from and to with an SV
  • Orange Supergate: You can warp to the Donare System
  • Red Supergate: You can warp from here but not return
  • Purple Supergate: You can warp only at given times - check the Map description
  • Black Supergate: You warp from/to Phoenix
  • White Supergate: You can warp from and to the Heaven Sectors

Additional Information

  • Depending on the destination you have to pay with EB Credits and / or HWS RP
  • Supergates like the ones in the Heaven System only work if you have certain HWS RP
  • If an enemy is near you, you can’t use the Supergate in PvP
  • Anti-BA Supergates will attack Bases placed in turret range of the supergate
  • SV-Only Supergates will attack any CV or BA that is within turret range of the supergate
  • You get greeted as soon as you are in the Supergate Zone. Each Zone is very large (about 3km³)

HWS Supergate Support Packages

Pre defined Supergate themes

Yin & Yang Cat

Yin & Yang

HWS Patron Medal

Custom Supergate themes


  • You can choose an image* you like and we map it to a Supergate. For example your Faction Logo.

For your custom Theme, please contact @RexXxuS.

*Note: make sure you own the copyright of the image or make sure it is a free to use image

Additional information

  • You get 1 Supergate per purchase

  • If you let it spawn in PvE you can restrict the usage to you or your faction or specific steam IDs.

  • You can choose almost any destination (for example your Supporter Playfield). Excluded are special playfields like the ECC Planet, Golden Globe, Nova and Black Hole.

  • There is no range limitation (you can also see them as Shortcut Wormholes)

  • If you let it spawn them in PvP every player has access to it and you can’t have a restricted playfield as destination.

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