HWS Supergate

To enhance the HWS Universe gameplay we have implemented unique Supergates.
They give you the option to transport from A to B even with your (docked) ship(s).

Just keep in mind that ONLY the pilot should use the sg:warp command and not the Passengers!


  • Fly near the Supergate and wait for the message “Initializing Supergate Zone: Ready

  • Then type sg:? in chat to see all possible destinations. You can then click with your mouse at the destination to execute it.

  • The command is used like: sg:warp:shortcut of location. (For Example: sg:warp:ecc for warping to the ECC-Orbit)

Color Code

  • Blue Supergate: You can warp from and to freely
  • Green Supergate: You can warp freely from and to with an SV
  • Orange Supergate: You can warp to the Donare System
  • Red Supergate: You can warp from here but not return
  • Purple Supergate: You can warp only at given times - check the Map description
  • Black Supergate: You warp from/to Phoenix
  • White Supergate: You can warp from and to the Heaven Sectors

Additional Information

  • Depending on the destination you have to pay with EB Credits and / or HWS DNA
  • Supergates like the ones in the Heaven System only work if you have certain HWS DNA
  • If an enemy is near you, you can’t use the Supergate in PvP
  • Anti-BA Supergates will attack Bases placed in turret range of the supergate
  • SV-Only Supergates will attack any CV or BA that is within turret range of the supergate
  • You get greeted as soon as you are in the Supergate Zone. Each Zone is very large (about 3km³)

HWS Supergate Support Packages

How to get them in the game?

The Supergates need to be spawned by @RexXxuS. Contact him with following mandatory details:

  • In what playfield should it be spawned
  • Coordinates: At what coordinates should the Supergate be spawned
  • Linked to: To what other Supergate should it be linked
  • Restricted to: Should it be restricted only to your faction or public, so everyone can use it (see below for conditions)
  • Name: The name of the warp destination that is visible when you type sg:? to warp to it

Pre defined Supergate themes

Since the Supergates are mapped to colors, the only available color left for you is the Yellow one.
(see all variants at top)

Custom Supergate themes


  • You can choose an image* you like and we map it to a Supergate. For example your Faction Logo.

For your custom Theme, please contact @RexXxuS.

*Note: make sure you own the copyright of the image or make sure it is a free to use image

Additional information

  • You get 1 Supergate per purchase

  • If you let it spawn in PvE you can restrict the usage to you or your faction or specific steam IDs.

  • It’s a 1:n connection network, that means you can link all of your bought Supergates together

  • Once the destination is set, you can’t change it

  • You can’t let the Supergate be spawned at a location you didn’t visit yet yourself.

  • You can’t let your Supergate spawned on planets apart from your own Supporter Planet.

  • There is no range limitation (you can also see them as Shortcut Wormholes)

  • If you let it spawn in PvP, every player has access to it

  • Supergates will be wiped at the end of the season! Make sure to request it to be spawned as early as possible in a season.

  • Supergates in HWS RE, in the Legacy or Progenitor Territory are not allowed to be public useable - faction only.

  • Supergates can’t be spawned inside or close by Capture Point Zones