HWS Connect | Changelog

HWS Connect v5.44.00 | 06.07.2020

  • Added your Entity ID to your Player Info overview
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HWS Connect v5.44.01 | 19.07.2020

  • Fixed fa:info and fa:supply to o:info and o:supply
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HWS Connect v5.45.00 | 28.07.2020

  • Replaced ToU agreement checkbox with Disclaimer on Support Us page after legal consultation
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HWS Connect v5.46.00 | 18.08.2020

  • Added a new Inactivity Page. It is shown, as soon as a player is not active on that specific server for the last 7 days.
    To guarantee up to date information and avoid any side conflicts, you have to login to the proper server and play a bit again.

HWS Connect v5.49.00 | 25.08.2020

  • Added the permanent OCD Slot in HWS Connect to reflect that

HWS Connect v5.50.00 | 01.11.2020

  • Added Sticky Table Headers for HWS Connect Marketplace. Filter and Header stay at top now while you scroll

HWS Connect v5.55.00 | 31.12.2020

HWS Connect my old broken friend… you will get the love you deserve in 2021! I promise!

HWS Connect v5.58.05 | 07.02.2021

  • Adapted HWS Connect to Patch 1.4 new IDs. Converted all IDs in Marketplace, OAM, etc.

HWS Connect v5.58.10 | 26.02.2021

  • Preparations for HWS RE server
  • Fixed bug since ever: Guilty tag was only visible on the Hunterboard, if player had 0 Bounty. Properly fixed it now, that Guilty tag is set no matter the Bounty and that Guilty players’ Playfield is showen, where they are in.

HWS Connect v5.64.02 | 12.10.2021

  • Finally replacing annoying 404 not found item icons with empty placeholder item icon. Hover over it to see what item it should be.

HWS Connect v5.65.01 | 01.03.2022

  • Added Sell Ship in Structure Commander
  • Added Titan and Ice to OAM.
  • Prepared separate HWS Connect Skill Tree for Reforged Eden with the upcoming v1.7 season.
  • Reworked Patron Pledge popup
  • Changed PatronLock logic from localstorage to sessionstorage
  • Removed HWS Connect Skill Tree Reset button due exploits. You can now only reset your Skill Tree with cb:reset. You keep your Skill Points though.
  • Fixed that Survival Boost stats were re-applied with cb:reset
  • Fixed that you could sell damaged weapons in the HWS Marketplace
  • Fixed sidebar server time had summer time instead of current winter time. Should switch automatically now
  • Fixed sidebar had wrong online player count
  • Fixed that RE online players are not displayed in Hunterboard when on EU/NA and vice versa
  • Fixed no favicon
  • Cleanup code here and there

Note: after HWS+ I try to go back to the big HWS Connect v5 redesign project. Instead of v5 I probably call it HWS Connect+ as well.

HWS Connect v5.66.00 | 17.03.2022

  • Fixed HWS Marketplace filter were useable for Non-Patrons - since years! Only recently I discovered this faux pas. HWS Connect conveniences were always meant for HWS Patrons.

HWS Connect v5.67.06 | 29.03.2022

  • Changed Renamed Penthouse to Residence.
  • Fixed Missing Residence images in the slider (in the Read Me First popup)

HWS Connect v5.67.07 - v5.73.02 | 05.08.2022

  • Added HWS RE NA. We have 4 servers now in HWS Connect!
  • Added Dealer Origins can use the HWS Connect Marketplace filters for free now!
  • Added new HWS Residence POI to rent
  • Added HWS Ingot packages to buy
  • Changed Supergate image in web shop
  • Changed Conversion rate for HWS Trader credits <> Origin XP
  • Fixed couple of errors

HWS Connect v5.74.01 | 10.08.2022

  • Changed Feature
    • If you are a Pro Patron (or above) OR
    • If you have EB Bank Level 5 (or above) OR
    • If you are in the Dealer Origin
    … you get the HWS Connect Marketplace Filters feature for free .
  • Fixed Backend Patron check for some benefits were legacy

HWS Connect v5.74.01 | 18.08.2022

  • Prevent Portals to be sold in HWS Marketplace
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HWS Connect v5.78.06 | 08.01.2023

  • Changed .xls OCD download file to .csv

HWS Connect v5.80.00 | 04.03.2023

  • Added more tracks of what players bought on the Support Us page.
    the current undefined messages will disappear in few days…
  • fixed HWS Ingot exchange rate

HWS Connect v5.81.00 | 12.04.2023

  • Added more tracks of what players bought on the Support Us page.
    the current undefined messages will disappear in few days…
  • API Preparation for new HWS Connect feature… soon™

HWS Connect v5.81.07 | 29.04.2023

  • Finally fixed that HWS Trader purchases could go wrong, because of open windows. A Yes/No popup is coming now as workaround fix.
  • Fixed some wording of some popups HWS Connect sends
  • The Personal Teleportation Device (PTD) does not wipe your inventory anymore but instead cost got increased.
  • Added Warp Rescue button to Structure Commander