HWS Connect | Changelog



HWS Connect 3.9.6 | 28.05.2018

Fix: Major transfer leak if a delay happens. Matched all data transfer to unique ID now to make it 100% stable — hopefully®. Please check all HWS Connect transfer features such as Daily Loot, Vote reward, HWS Marketplace, etc.


HWS Connect 3.9.7 | 25.06.2018

Add: Internal Logging system for some buttons


HWS Connect 3.9.8 | 01.08.2018

Add: Enhanced logs
Change: Internal Vote system


HWS Connect 4.0.0 | 9.10.2018

Add: Support Us section | Convert your Reputation Points to HWS Ingots and buy every supporter package with your ingame progression
Add: Patreon <> HWS Connect integration | Once we verified that you are really a Patron, you get the proper level and can set yourself in the Database, so everyone can see you are Patron (optional). Keep in mind: for now this verification process is manual. Later it will be automated.
Add: First work in progress of OCD Filter (Patron Tier 1 reward. More to come.
Change: Font size and white spacing to have more room for content
Change: Better HWS Marketplace search
Change: Better sidebar layout and design
Change: More interaction logs in the backend
Change: The header navigation is now hidden behind a menu. That leaves room for your server and name to have a better overview on what server you are currently browsing
Fix: Updated to more web security standards
Fix: Database query improvement
Fix: Layout issues
Fix: Server time in the sidebar should work properly now
Fix: Faction chat layout issue
Fix: Performance of some function calls

New HWS Support Us system | HWS Ingots | HWS Connect v4 | HWS Patreon

HWS Connect 4.0.1 | 9.10.2018

Add: Patreon Goal 1 and 2 (OCD Filter and HWS Marketplace Filter)
Change: The HWS Marketplace Filter / Search is faster and better now
Fix: Profile settings in Hotview issues
Fix: Fix Patron check for OCD Filter


HWS Connect 4.0.2 | 16.10.2018

Fix: Fix Patron check for HWS Marketplace Filter
Fix: Fix Patron only on one server (no CSW made)
Fix: Fix Mobile Navigation missing entries
Fix: Fix style issues in modals


HWS Connect 4.1.0 | 24.10.2018

Add: HWS Connect Settings | properly in the sidebar
Add: More Hotviews for Patrons (first version, work in progress)
Add: Prepared in the background (not active yet): HWS Marketplace proper filter + OCD Buy possibility + OCD Sell possibility
Change: HWS Marketplace performance | it’s all at one page again without a “Load More” Button. I still try to improve the speed a bit more


HWS Connect 4.2.1 | 02.11.2018

Add: Patreon Goal 4 (More Hotviews)
Add: Patreon Goal 6 (Buy / Sell via OCD / HWS Marketplace)
Change: HWS Config better layout in Tabs
Change: HWS Marketplace modal setup
Fix: Hotview not working for NA guys
Fix: Fix OCD PDA delivery from NA
Fix: Fix some missing notifications


HWS Connect 4.2.2 | 04.11.2018

Add: Become Patreon Button in Header
Change: Highlight Support Us in HWS Connect
Fix: HWS Connect mobile header in Desktop mode


HWS Connect 4.2.3 | 09.11.2018

Add: Add “Auto Daily Loot” (for Patron HWS Veteran and up. Type co:info in the chat)
Add: Support Us main page is back
Add: missing “stop to OCD” for HWS Marketplace (Patron)
Change: Daily Loot is covered in EAH and instead of 3PM at 9AM now
Fix: inputs in Supporter missing after HWS Ingot toggle
Fix: mobile navigation had wrong active state
Fix: some button not working correctly


HWS Connect 4.2.4 | 11.11.2018

Change: Our Vote claim is now bound to 9AM (cb:time - server time). We simplified all the “tasks”, you might do. ~9AM is now the trigger time for almost everything — taxes, eb interest, daily loot, vote reward, faction RP, etc.
Fix: Vote countdown time not worked properly. Adjusted to point above
Fix: Cleanup of legacy files


HWS Connect 4.2.6 | 13.11.2018

Add: Proper Categories / Item Type for OCD and HWS Marketplace (it works for all new coming items, not retroperspective)
Fix: some style issues for Light theme
Fix: Vote not working if you click before 9AM. You are now kind of forced to wait for the 9AM server time.
Fix: Wrong filter column in HWS Marketplace


HWS Connect 4.2.7 | 20.11.2018

Add: Fixed / Sticky Header row for HWS Marketplace
Fix: Hotview logging
Fix: OAM item image center align


HWS Connect 4.2.8 | 22.11.2018

Change: Big rework of the HWS Vote system. It’s now very convenient for users and don’t require page reloads etc. anymore. However keep in mind once more that we are dependent on the third party website. Either it gives us a feedback “you can claim/vote again”, or not. Be patient and try later again.
IMPORTANT : the script changed a lot. Make SURE you cleared your Browser Cache very good! CTRL + SHIFT + R helps. Or CTRL + SHIFT + DEL

Fix: Couple of Vote related things
Fix: Slow connection php fpm handling


HWS Connect 4.2.9 | 23.11.2018

Add: Which server you are on shown also near Hotview in Dashboard now (for easy recognition on mobile view)

IMPORTANT : the script changed a lot. Make SURE you cleared your Browser Cache very good! CTRL + SHIFT + R helps. Or CTRL + SHIFT + DEL

Fix: Claim for NA not worked
Fix: Fixed some other claim vote issues


HWS Connect 4.3.0 | 25.11.2018

Add: Christmas surprise - to be announced soon

Fix: Refactored some code


HWS Connect 4.3.1 | 26.11.2018

Fix: Reworked the Vote system once again slightly in the hope I can sync the third party website better with our system. Please let me know your experience

My daily vote is not working
Vote system - claim button does nothing
Voted, I did not get any rewards

HWS Connect 4.3.2 | 30.11.2018

Add: Add “Auto Daily Loot” (for Patron HWS Veteran and up. Type co:info in the chat)
Add: New HWS EU Server
Add: Sale function (Christmas Sale coming on 1st Advent)
Change: Support Package changes
Fix: some code


HWS Connect 4.3.3 | 01.12.2018

Change: HWS Marketplace Sidebar Icon
Fix: HWS Marketplace “Sale by 3%”


HWS Connect 4.3.5 | 08.12.2018

Add: New HWS ToS
Change: Support Package ToS applied
Fix: HWS Connect IDs

Unable to access NA Connect
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