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Hi HWS Community,

a little but powerful announcement!

Reworked Daily Loot

What a lot of players didn’t realize yet: the Daily Loot is now consecutive!
That means the more often you claim it per day, the more you get!
Monday: 1000 Gold, 1 Diamond, 1 Alien Container, …
Tuesdays: 3000 Gold, 2 Diamond, 2 Alien Container, …
Sunday: 7000 Gold, 7 Diamond, 7 Alien Container, …
On Monday night it will reset and start a new cycle.

This little but nice incentive is hopefully the right push for everyone to get started better or enjoy the little free extra :slight_smile:

And you saw right!

Diamonds are included in the Daily Loot now! :gem:

I thought in general about implementing a new template to let you craft Diamonds, but somehow… all the flare about that special rare item and the poweful Carbon Blocks would just be shifted to boring AFK farm grinding again.

So instead, keep an eye out on more events, missions and more to get your Diamonds!
I’m sure the HWS Marketplace won’t disappoint you as well soon.

Patreon Celebration Event

An unbelievable event happened over on HWS Patreon!
Recently a lot of players were so generous to bring us to the 900’ Goal! That is insane and we want to thank ALL of you with a second Patreon Event!
It might become our ritual in such situations and if you don’t know how it looks like, make sure to check out the first one - it was a blast :slight_smile:

On Saturday, 22th June! EU at 9PM. NA at Sunday 0AM!

Thank you so much guys! HWS 10, with everything behind the scene was very very hard to handle, so the response in that way is more than appreciated! :bowing_man:

Have fun on HWS and stay tuned for even more to come…

Your HWS Team


First of all I totally disagree that production is boring, all this carbon stuff at the end of last season was actually quite fun. Production should be very important aspect of the game, but now it’s totally underrepresented, being able to produce diamonds would be an interesting addition and difficult template would keep the unique status of diamonds.

However, with diamonds added to daily loot they will be very common and sooner or later pretty much every single ship will be made out of carbon so carbon will have to be nerfed as battles would take too long.

Well, we have two different opinions then and how I foresee the future of the new gameplay. :slight_smile:

Let’s see what the future will tell and adjust if needed.

You get a very small amount from the daily loot, so I don’t see that an issue one bit.

However, if they were craftable then that would definitely be true (they would be everywhere.)

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You get a very small amount from the daily loot, so I don’t see that an issue one bit.

28 diamonds per week is 28000 CV carbon blocks per week per person, I wouldn’t call that a small amount.

However, if they were craftable then that would definitely be true (they would be everywhere.)

Depends on difficulty of the template

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Understood, but if they were craftable that number could easily be 10’s of thousands of diamonds per person.

As I said - it depends on difficulty of template - if for example one diamond would require 1m or 100k carbon substrate that wouldn’t be the case.

I believe the daily loot is bugged. never received the cores or diamonds

@NuclearDeaths u have high level Patreon for auto loot… if u log ingame and have 4 free slots, u should receive all ur auto loot…
if u have been in game longer than 1 minute and have free space and still receive nothing, please PM me and I will check it out further…

I don’t think we’ll ever see a PvP vessel made of anything but carbon again. Why would anyone build with anything else? 28 raw diamond a week will build a lot of vessels.

It’s also too many auto miner cores - if you claim loot every day you’ll be able to keep all 12 OAMs fueled all week with nothing but the loot.


Agreed - makes our 10 prepped builds virtually redundant. An average vessel made of carbon will probably take out the best non-carbon vessel now. Unless Rex changes up the config… increasing weapons that do damage to it.

If carbon blocks will be so common, they shouldn’t be the strongest sv block on server. They have higher hp and lower weight, but that’s not the main problem. Resistances are. Rail gun doesn’t have noticeable splash despite explosion animation, so increased damage is not noticeable. For gatling guns, because of base game active weapon limit, it’s not possible to add them to most of the builds just because other 22 weapons (6 rocket, 6 plasma, 6 pulse, 4 rail) are so useful currently and will removing them will noticeably hurt the build. If all weapons are placed, there’s only space for 3 gats left, which is not enough for consistent high damage, compared to 6 pulse lasers vs hardened steel. It will end up in longer fights, hurting the good current hp balance of ships.

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Why exactly can’t you add gatling guns? The game limits to only allow a max of 21 weapons to fire at the same time, yes, but you are only using one type at a time with manual fire weapons. You aren’t firing all the manual fire weapons at once, only one group. Nothing is preventing you from adding gatling guns.

But with most PvP SV Builds, you are constantly using the other weapon types. If you are missing rail, there goes the turret sniping abilities. If you lose pulse/plasma, then you don’t have any shield damage. Losing rockets means that you are now having issues with taking out devices. Gatling guns are unused in current builds simply because they do not add anything useful to the build.

There is no point of adding weapon that’s useful only against one block type in one specific ship build instead of vital sv weapons for many situations. It will work in some cases, but rarely. It’s called gimmick and is not prefered in competitive environment. Current carbon situation will bring a lot of frustration when one of 10 opponents will fly that carbon ship and you won’t be able to do anything against it.

Again, no one is preventing you from having all of the weapons. You aren’t using them all at once. They can all be on the same SV.

On one SV you can have all of the following at once.

  • 6 Gatling Guns
  • 4 Rocket Launchers
  • 6 Plasma Guns
  • 6 Pulse Guns
  • 4 Rail Guns
  • 6 Rocket Launchers Homing

In sv fights I use all the weapons I mentioned before at once because every single one of them is essential for the fight.

It’s not just guns firing simultaneously, it’s how many you can have mounted. Whenever I’ve mounted more than 24 weapons on an SV some of them will disappear from the toolbar and can’t be fired - for instance, I might have 4 rail guns mounted but the toolbar will show 2 and 2 of them won’t fire. If I remove some of the others the invisible guns will reappear and fire normally. It’s the same thing with CVs - if you go over 21 fixed guns and drills some of them just won’t fire, even if you only have 8 or 12 of that specific type active and attempting to fire. And you have no control over which weapons the game decides to deactivate.

That sounds like a game bug. Have you ever made an official report on it?

No, I assumed it was the 21-gun limit everyone talked about, with a different number for CVs. Are you able to mount 32 guns on an SV and see them all in the toolbar?