HWS Connect Filtering Request

Any way you can add a IsDeleted? checkbox to filter out all deleted items from structure commander? Deleted stuff tends to clutter up everything
Also a ‘Don’t show faction members’ checkbox to filter out faction members from the intruder log?



PLEASE. Also is there a way we can get the filters to not alternate a dozen times or more per click? perhaps on button release script, rather than click?

here’s what i noticed after it was intially added, 1) never really filters, 2) could be due to the fact that it is on the settings page of the profile (where you configure the top 3 choices for quick disply) and it had NEVER saved for me… Every time I go back in… its unchecked. Even the 3 options never save for me… Using chrome latest version…

and yes… what he Boo said

Already implemented a month ago:

That is more difficult. I see what I can do.

What do you mean with that?[quote=“Pumpula, post:3, topic:5086”]
and it had NEVER saved for me…

I tested it on multiple devices and browsers… will test once again… strange

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