HWS Connect Intruder Log update

Hey @everyone,

oh finally I reworked the Intruder Log feature in HWS Connect. I pushed it forward me for too long.
The background: if your log was too big then depending on your browser (cough Firefox) or weak PC the browser could crash. That is of course a no-go.

I implemented now a day specific filter / dropdown. Overall it could be better I know… the sorting for example…
Background: I coded a lot of HWS Connect really quickly for you guys. Some people might know that in development there is either the “good” way or the “quick” way.

I have still hope that I can refactor some day all of my code and maybe… even upgrade to something technically properly like react.js, angular.js or whatever…

Till then it should work® :smiley:



Thanks, maybe one little thing for next version to make it even better. Make a top one with ‘today’ or maybe ‘today’ and ‘yesterday’


Done :slight_smile:

You have at the top “Today” and “Yesterday” as quick reference.


Thanks, that was fast :slight_smile:

found something else…

Checking our log for today I noticed the list restarted at 00:00 a few times (2 or 3x) giving the same info multiple times…
I uploaded a screenshot showing that time jumps back to 00:00 and if you look closly also the number of deaths go down back to what it was at 00:00 (from 76 back to 74).

Not a big issue…

You clicked once on today and got the data twice?

If you select today twice you get the data twice, right. Need to implement a fallback if people select a day with no entry or selecting twice

Any way we can get the phrasing changed from “name of attacker” to “name of intruder”? That may clear up some issues with people seeing intruder log for the first time and thinking an ally broke alliance and attacked them.

yup, done