HWS Connect issue on main account Vampy

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I refreshed the HWS connect page on my main account, and it kicked me out. After that i cannot connect to HWS connect on Vampy at all.

Player(s) with issue? Vampy

Server? (EU or NA)

When did it happen? 14:00-14:20

On which Playfield? HWS connect site

Structure Name(s)?

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

**[color=d0901d]Can you please check or are you aware of this happening or for what reason. Please note, i tried several ways to log in:

  1. Tried from a different browser
  2. Tried from my phone
  3. On same browser tried to connect with my alt, it went right in with no issues
  4. Exited and restarted steam on my pc
  5. Rebooted the whole PC
  6. Cleared browser cache and history
  7. Restarted pc again
  8. Tried again, no joy

Please help…[/color]**

This link will get you to a screen recording to show the issue

Hi. the same situation, authorization via Steam is possible only with voting and the community. with the main site offers to log in again and again. Most likely, the problem is temporary and related to the Web API Steam

Since it looks like an auth issue, it is not in our control.
As XAPOH said, most likely temporary.

2 hours plus is a long temporary


well I think 5 hours is a problem

Still not working and now my partner lost his access too. Looks like i might loose my voting string today :smiley:

Worked for me just now. Used my phone

It doesn’t work for me.

not working for me either

@RexXxuS @Jascha Still not working.

You can vote, i did. Just cant log in and collect the reward for it.

Ok, i can now sign into connect at last.


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