HWS Connect/NPC Trader Suggestions

Hey just a couple HWS Connect/NPC trader suggestions:

  • When you sell a NPC Trader package, it would be helpful if the log showed the name of the trader package sold. It’s possible to tell usually based on how many credits were received, but would be impossible if you had 2 traders at the same price.

  • 2 new columns on the “My NPC Trader” table:

    • Sale Count
    • Package Last Updated

When a package is approved, “Sale Count” is reset to 0 and “Package Last Updated” is set to the current date/time. Each time a package is sold, “Sale Count” is incremented for that specific package. This way it would be easier to see over a long term how many times a package sold without having to keep track in the log, and identify packages which are not selling well and should be changed.


HWS Officially has first world problems now.
Too many NPC trader’s to keep track of :wink:

But seriously though, useful features mentioned here to easier manager the traders.
@Hayawen You’re up :+1:




well… the logs and the sale count need fixing from @Jascha side…
as for last updated, that is already there but hidden behind the how many days left to edit again… I guess I can give it its own column… will try to remember that :rofl:

Haha yeah obviously nothing super urgent here. Just if you ever find yourself looking for some low hanging fruit one day for a quick win, here it is :wink:


could you send me a screenshot of those logs that should be changed. Not seeing it right now.


Here is an example of one @Jascha

ah ok. Thanks. Will change it

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