HWS Connect - Sorry, but you have not played on HWS yet - NA

Hi Guys

Have only managed to get time to log on a couple of times since 6.0, but went to look in HWS connect today and get the message that I have not played? Have been playing the NA server for many months, if not a year now.

I had a quick search and didn’t find anything recent that looked helpful.

Any thoughts?



You need to play a couple minutes again on the server, then the website ill refresh after 15 minutes. Due to performance, we dont upload any data of players, who did not play for 4 days. But all your data, donations, etc is save. As soon as you login its all there.
Due too some tool issues (when chatbot is down) it could be that the website is not refreshing sometimes… We are on that. Other than that your data should appear again…

Many thanks Jascha,

I should get some time later tonight to have another go at restarting.



Its 4 days btw… 4 days not beeing online and we stop uploading.
If you played before the last wipe, then it would even say “you are not known on the server” until you login again.

Working fine now, thanks Jascha. :slight_smile:

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Good to see you back Bennie!

Not getting much time, but fingers crossed for the weekend Naut. :slight_smile:

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