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What happened: Last visited time seems to show 17 days for structures I’ve touched today
Player(s) with issue: Zafaron
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Wednesday 18 July 2018 01:33
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How can we help you now: Reporting Issue, help not currently required

My structures that I have visited just recently are showing up so that it seems like it has been 17 days since they have been visited. I’m not sure if this will become a problem later or if it’s simply a display issue with connect, so I thought that I would mention it. It’s all of the structures that I’ve visited today.

The structures that I haven’t visited in more than one day show the correct number of days since they were last visited. Actually it looks like one that I visited ~5 hours ago is also showing the correct time since last visit. Just the ones that I’ve visited since the 8.2 patch seem to have the issue.

I noticed this as well… All my structures said 16 days, 23hours, 30min until I went and revisited each and every single one of them. They were all fine yesterday before today’s update. Revisiting them after all the updates have reset them back to 0.

Have Same issue. I copied my structure commander list just in case. I’m also visiting each structure to make sure the clock resets

Hrmmm. After the restart just now I noticed that almost all of my structures/ships went back to the 17 day visit time even though I had visited almost all of them today. Strange indeed.

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Having the same issue.
I’ll visit all structures when I get home from work.

Thanks for the info. Thats due to DSL. I will fix that asap

Ok should be fixed “now”. But your structures will further show this strange value until they get loaded by DSL (so a player close by) during the structure update.
So expect a bit of hickup for the next 2 days.
If you notice it still happening afterward, let me know. Also if you notice something else wrong.

Thanks for reporting

Hi Jascha,

is that also the reason they say powered- false?

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