HWS <> Discord Chat Integration

Good Morning @everyone,

we started to use Discord for HWS on 16th 2016 August after Discord became more and more popular and our chat system got used very frequent we thought “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we play around with Discords API and make it somehow possible® to integrate to HWS?”.
That was one month after we’ve started with Discord and until then our Ticket was always “on hold”. I thought I can somehow integrate Discord with fancy nodeJs and HWS Connect but in the end, yesterday, @Jascha just implemented it with his insane coding skills :slight_smile:
(thanks for mortlath and the final motivation ping though)

HWS <> Discord Chat Sync

We created two channels for EU and NA and everything you type ingame global chat will be synced to these proper Discord Channels. But also everything you type in these Discord Channels will be synced back to the game. Allowing you to communicate whenever and wherever you want with guys ingame.

Of course the first thought is “perfect bait for trolls”. But the opposite is the case in reality because the worst thing for a troll can happen is publicity (not be able to hide behind “anonymous”) and chat history. Both things are true here and not only we can find and filter these guys out more easily but also the global chat in general will be less toxic and great for everyone I think.
We will definitely observe it and with great power high responsibility will come but overall a massive step forward we think!

Donation Faction Chat

As a bonus Jascha implemented also a faction Discord channel sync. So we pushed the value of our Discord Channel donation a bit - allowing you to communicate easy with your team mates, even if you are not ingame.

Keep in mind that you can also do it totally without any donation by using my HWS Connect Chat feature :wink:

We really hope you like it and improves your game experience on HWS!

Your HWS Team


Is it possible to make the bot filter out the periodic chat spam? Seems to clutter up the discord a little bit.

P.S. love the feature.

Not per se doable but I try to reduce my “spam” the next days.

It still belongs to our “Beginner” campaign (Newsletter, etc.).
Will be reworked soon.

Glad you like it