HWS Easter | Catch me if you can

Good Morning @everyone and happy Easter,

today is a special day and it is up to you how special it will be!

With a help of some Bunny guys you have to find this HWS Bunny CV, somewhere hidden in the HWS Universe.
It will start his hopps on EU and do a CSW later to NA.

“Inside” of the Bunny you will find some nice goodies for you.

However you will find inside also couple of Eggs lying around and only the player who comment here the correct amount of eggs he found inside of the HWS Bunny will get one special red Egg eh, I mean Alien Core!

Keep in mind though, the longer you need to find this HWS Bunny, the longer the evil Bunny have manipulated your OCD…!

Have fun

Your HWS Team



2 eggs?

Ahh plus 2 in constructor = 4

Haha so 5 eggs all in all?

I’m gonna guess, but it was great fun Rexxus! Thanks1 :slight_smile:

42; the meaning of life! :slight_smile:
Best regards


If has to match whats in your inventory then 21

This event was no fun (opposite to the christmas calendar). Bunch of players, crazy lag, no loot inside the boxes.

I suggest personal boxes next time, so everyone can get some loot.

32 eggs

Only possible for BAses.

Yeah yeah, the guy who got nothing always complain it was no fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time I will think about something more special in my spare time.

Ok, maybe hiding mini-bases in shape of eggs everywhere, the bases in PVP with more loot :stuck_out_tongue:

For the eggs-counting maybe blocks in form of eggs in the CV, so that their number is always the same, not like today totally random because some guys took some eggs out of a box.

Number of eggs in my case : Zero

(Definitly the correct answer hehe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Real life allowed me an event only for 15 minutes to create…
Of course I had bigger plans with lots of eggs and a hunt throughout the whole universe with a combination with a special easter Daily Loot package.

But it is as it is or was… next time

Bunny chillin’ to a sunrise after a tough night getting blocked, docked, drowned, etc. by an unimaginable high number of giant CV’s…

Bunny will return to GG after a rest and some additions to the current Bunny technology!

WE GOT Rabbit :):wink::vulcan_salute:

Awesome !!

Thanks, Easter Bunny… you rascal. :wink:

Happy Easter everyone !

Thanks for doing what you could to make Easter a special event for HWS @RexXxuS, I for one am sorry I wasn’t around to be part of it but hope others got some enjoyment out of it!

It’s over on both server now.