HWS Easter Event 2020 | An Initiative against the Corona Virus Isolation

Dear HWS Community,

I think by now everyone is somehow affected by the current Corona Virus situation in one or the other way. Most of you probably in a negative or limiting way. For those, who got sick because of it, I hope will fight it, to become immune against it and come out of it stronger than before!
For now we have to stay at home and just make the best out of it, right?
Luckily, as Gamer or digital Content producer it’s not that bad and I saw a lot of new players coming. Welcome to all of you!

That is the reason @Ju worked hard on a big HWS Easter Event, which should bring you all together at least virtually :slight_smile:

HWS Easter Event 2020

Since it’s a space game and we like the Marvel Phase 1-3 movies, we got a bit inspired by a special Character: Yondu as you might recognized. We call him the “Yondu Easter Bunny”. :smiley:

During his journey through the HWS Universe he of course lost (or sold?) 8 of his Eggs out of his basket and need You, Guardians of the Eggs, to find them, so he can collect them again.

The Eggs however have a lot of treasures for you prepared. Not only loot rewards but also Wisdom rewards, especially for our new players.

You will probably recognize the touch @Ju did here :slight_smile:

Bonus: For the first time she thought about making her “job” more transparent and share what she loves to do with you. So if you are interested in what and how Ju is building our HWS POIs, please give her a visit and a Thumbs Up :blush:

Hint: There are more videos on her channel already and you can get a Teaser for HWS 12 already :smirk:

Event Details

Well, the Event is easy as I explained but the most important detail is the time I guess.

The whole Saturday and Sunday (11th-12th April) you can use the Event Teleporter in the EGS HQ on ECC to enter the Easter Event Planet.

Make sure your baskets are empty and you can transport all the Goodies out to your OCD :slight_smile:

HWS Support Discount

Since I forgot to do it on our 1st March Anniversary Event, I use this opportunity to also offer the whole weekend a 20% Discount on everything on our Support Us page.

Bonus: You will be able to buy the 7 Permanent Packages only during this Weekend Period. (Keep 100m Credits, etc.)

That will be the last big contribution to the HWS 11 Season, which I have to say, is one of the most popular one! Throughout the last 3 months I got a lot of positive Feedback, which really motivated me! Nevertheless a lot of Feedback overall was given (special thanks to the #Feedback channel in Discord), so I am super excited for HWS 12, where not only your Feedback is considered but also a very new, very special way of playing HWS is coming. It will be big I can tell :slight_smile:

I also thought very long about doing a 4th HWS Survey. But considering you don’t know exactly what is coming and I am already burned out with all the HWS 12 work, it would probably kill me.
So please, make use of the #Feedback channel in Discord and/or the #hws-general-discussion Category here in the Forum.

Thank you so much for your attention, for your continues support, for you just playing on HWS! It really means a lot to me and motivates me to make your stay even better - especially in such a difficult time we are in right now.

Stay Safe and Healthy out there!

Your HWS Team


Good Evening everyone,
until the last minute we keep pushing but missing some final bits for the big HWS Easter Event but are also tired as dry cookie.
So the HWS Easter Event and Discount will start tomorrow, Saturday at 9AM! It ends on Monday 9AM!

Some Goodies will be first come, first serve but the majority of loot can be gathered by playing the whole Weekend (Personal Container).
Looking forward to see you all enjoying the event, which took 2 weeks to create :slight_smile:

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Good Morning HWS Community
finally, we invite all of you to our first big HWS Easter Event 2020!
You can now teleport to the Event by using the Teleporter in ECC > EGS HQ.
The 20% Discount as well as the forgotten permanent Packages (Keep 100m credits) are available here:

Have a great Weekend and stay safe!
Your HWS Team

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And because I see so many lost souls going by foot on the Egg Hunt, let us help you by a little Video how it really works :wink:

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Very cool event, was a lot of fun! :slight_smile: :+1:


Awesome event. Enjoyed this one much more than the anniversary. Little puzzles and less lag since we could spread out our adventures over multiple days rather than overwhelming the server at the same time.

Couple suggestions for next event

  1. No 0000 pin on the spawn ships. I don’t know if that was intentional, but it caused a handful of ship thefts. Definitely a little unpleasant having to trek back on foot/motorcycle as a ship that was personally owned is hijacked.
  2. Move the alien core reward to be a final reward. Instead of the series of lockers in the bunny we could have had a series of doors - collect all the codes and have the final reward be the alien core.

Thanks for hosting


yes thank u HWS team for another great event! lots of hidden candy everywhere! i have to admit the hacking puzzle got me and i had to move on without cracking that egg :frowning:

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Dear HWS Community,
Our first big HWS Easter Event 2020 is about to end. Ju and I really want to thank you all for participating. It was incredible fun to watch how you hunted the Eggs (especially failing on the puzzles :wink: ). I am very glad so many participated, many of you found even the “real” Easter Egg in the head of the Yondu Bunny and overall, the amount of positive feedback about the Event! :man_bowing:
It motivates a lot to keep pushing our best for you to enjoy our content, enjoy playing Empyrion, every day.

Because I failed a bit with the Support Us code, the Discount offer will be available until tomorrow 11PM.
It’s also unbelievable how generous some of you are and helping us to make the living out of this great game, this great Community.
Especially a warm welcome to all the new Patrons!
I am very very thankful and wish you honestly a good time on HWS!
Stay safe and healthy.
Your HWS Team

P.S.: As promised the first guy who solved all puzzles and the hidden Yondu Bunny “Pipe” puzzle, will get a special gift from me.
The Gift was OCD level +1. Good job @Xyston :thumbsup:

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Hi, i bought “Keep 50M Credits after full wipe” at the event, but it doesn’t appear?

Thanks for the info @Mad.X
if you check the support forum section there were some issues, which are fixed by now.
I have verified and activated it for you now.
will be visible in your HWS Connect, once you play a bit.

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