HWS Easter Event 2023

Dear HWS Community,

for the fourth time we host our big HWS Easter Event.

(on all 4 HWS server)

HWS Easter Event 2023

Since it’s a space game and we like the Marvel Phase 1-3 movies, we got a bit inspired by a special Character: Yondu as you might recognized. We call him the “Yondu Easter Bunny”. :smiley:

During his journey through the HWS Universe he of course lost (or sold?) 11 of his Eggs out of his basket and need You, Guardians of the Eggs, to find them, so he can collect them again.

The Eggs however have a lot of treasures for you prepared. Not only loot rewards but also Wisdom rewards, especially for our new players.

You will probably recognize the touch @Ju did here :slight_smile:

Event Details

Well, the Event is easy as I explained but the most important detail is the time I guess.

Starting from today 23:00 / 0:00 until Thursday (13th April) you can use the Event Teleporter/Stargate in the EGS HQ, on the ECC Planet, in the Homeworld PvE System.

Alternatively you can use our Event Manager to get teleported to the event and brought back afterwards automatically.
Just type ev:list / ev:?

Once inside, you can spawn the cute Chicken or Bunny SV and fly around the planet. Collecting loot here and there and solving the Puzzle Eggs, to get the ultimate master reward at the end!
This time everyone can get the big reward of 1 Augmented Armor and 1 Augmented Cargo Booster. (HWS RE)
A lot of Strangelets on HWS+

Make sure your baskets are empty and you can transport all the Goodies out to your OCD :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your continues support and playing on HWS!

Your HWS Team

P.S.: Did you find our new upcoming Patron DLC feature?


I’m in the Spawn zone but egs:spawn will not spawn a bunny or chick. It says I need to be in the spawn zone, but I think I am - I’m right on top of where it says Spawn Zone.

Can you help please?

Good morning @aeonbug
sorry, the planet changed from last year and the coordinates of the spawn zone wasn’t right. I fixed it now.

Thank you @RexXxuS . I will try it later today when I get home.

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