HWS EU down

Hey @everyone,

sorry to inform you but the HWS EU server is down for unknown amount of time.
The hardware is probably broken and the hoster is trying to fix it.

After almost two years with the same hoster it was in general a good experience while running the but the support is just crap if something acted up.

We will see what road we will go.

We have a cloud backup in case the hardware is in flames.

We will inform you if we have any news.

Your HWS Team


Sorry this happened @Rexxus! Thank you for all the brilliant work you and the others invest into this server.

I recommend that everyone enjoys the down-time for now and uses it to chill and reflect. Whilst i’ll be upgrading some blueprints of mine for the battles ahead!

Best regards :smiley:Wise.

Hey Rexx Hope Taxation will be suspended :smiley: I was on ECC with ship and SV… It is not for me but for My Faction :smiley:
Now i have to go to bed so i cant move the ships :_:

Sorry guys, I hope it is better now (started EU again)
. But I don’'t have a feedback from the provider yet. Hope for best, prepare for worst

Appears the EU server is up — POK, an EU player successfully logged in.

However, I’m not seeing the server on either the 1st tab, nor the 2nd (history) tab. US player.

Am finding NA and SAN under both tabs — but, not EU.

Checked under ‘friends’ tab (never use it), but did find it there.

I just logged in to the EU server. You have to wait a few mins for it to show up in the server list