Hws eu pve

Something weird, got the epic pistol, warped a few times, but still no RP after about 12 hrs.
Tried to upgrade auto miner gold but nothing happened, at least i cant see it on hws connect orbital auto miner.

Updated it here:

Reputation will be given daily at 9:17 AM (UTC+1) if conditions are met

Nothing happened? Did you get a message feedback? No money or so?

Autominer said " u need 40 000 more credits" but i got 625 000 credits and that should be enough to get to leve 2 on autominers.

I have the epic pistol for trader as i am a trader, warped a few times , but as i see now u said RP comes around 9:17 .
and my time is 9:08 so i hope it shows in a few minits.

Now i see the RP. :slight_smile:

But autominer still wont accept am:buy:go :frowning:

argh, sorry. i know what the issue is. regarding the autominers.
Im mixing up the credits, i have to deposit credits to EB. case closed.