HWS Event - Alien Asylum RESULTS!

Hey Community,

In retaliation to the Aliens declaring war on us we have decided to run an event to try stem the flow. (unlikely, but we try)

Let me introduce

Alien Asylum

Long ago this place was set up by humans to contain the most dangerous types of Aliens, With the declaration of war they have killed all the humans that were there to guard these horrible creatures…Its time you took it back.

Fight your way through layers of aliens and traps claiming the Alien acquired technology…

Rules will be explained to you when you participate

Few things

  1. Discord is essential (have to work as a team)

  2. Five player only, no more no less (can be made up of all one faction, other factions, single players)

  3. This event will run Sunday (EU), Monday (EU), Tuesday (EU), Wednesday (EU) (NA at a later date don’t worry ;))

  4. Time slots tomorrow will be throughout the day, For the rest of the week (19:00 1st 5, 20:00 second 5) (CET)

  5. You do not need ANYTHING for the event, nothing. You are supplied with all that you need :slight_smile:
    If you are in a faction and can get 5 players for sure please let me know over discord, i will pencil you in advance to make things run efficient.

every player who participates will receive RP even if they do not place.

1st place. 10,000,000 (split between all members) +50 RP Each

2nd 5,000,000 (split between all members) +50 RP Each

3rd 2,500,000 (split between all members) +50 RP Each

all after +40 RP Per player.

We only have a limited number of places so if you know you can arrange your factions to have the player at a certain time please let us know :slight_smile:

A little teaser, Thanks to some awesome testers today.


Bruh…cant wait

How to sign up? This looks bad ass.

The events have finished today so just make sure you online Mon, Tue or Wed at 19:00 and 20:00 CET to get involved :slight_smile:

We where told to be there on thusday at 19:00 CET and we where with 5 memebers. Talked to Jasha and deceided to attack SWP for an hour or so.

So we are still waiting for our spot…19:00 is no good for us its more likley we have people online at 20:00.

Sorry Achilles and me had a long hard day yesterday. We do today between 3pm - 9pm 2 events. LDA and PKA.

I will start telling people… But i think we should have people online at 20:00 CET

The results

First, Thanks to everyone that participated…Hope you all enjoyed it :smiley:

5th Place +40rp for all

Team PKA


4th place +40rp for all

The Pack

4.chop chop

3rd place 500,000 + 50rp

No name team

  1. Veber
  2. TNT
  3. Phobos
  4. ZXDr_Tobirama
  5. sanka12345678

2nd place 1,000,000 + 50rp

The Random guys


1st place 2,000,000 + 50rp

2 man army

  1. Raiden
  2. Akulkin
  3. Helix_19
  4. Nimehil
  5. Ophiophagus

All prizes will be paid by the end of this evening.

Again thank you all for the participation and look forward to Alien Asylum 2 :smiley:

Your HWS Team


The rewards are hand out.
Thanks again! Was fun watching you :wink:

Thanks, it was really fun :slight_smile: looking forward for next event :wink:

Agree completely, I had great fun! Not being a massive FPS fan i prolly slowed my team down and we still finished 2nd with a random group.
Got the RP corrected/rewarded, looking forward to some extra money when it comes=)

btw, the winning price should be like this: (copied from achilles first post)

1st place. 10,000,000 (split between all members) +50 RP Each
2nd 5,000,000 (split between all members) +50 RP Each
3rd 2,500,000 (split between all members) +50 RP Each
all after +40 RP Per player.

so each player should get 2mil for 1st. place 1mil for 2nd. place and 500k for third place dont they?

just asking :slight_smile:

Ah. Yeah will correct it

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Ok, now everyone get the 100% reward. Sorry and see you in the next event!

Hey @NA !

So as you can see the event was very cool on EU and it is damn time to give you the fun on NA too! Due the timezone thing and other stuff this is a bigger work but let’s see:

Who wanna do the first run on NA?

We need 5 participants!
The time where it can be still done would be latest 11PM (UTC-5).

Impressions are at the top

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