HWS Event - Battle Of The Alien POI - Community Involvement

Hey Community,

Do you see these in game and laugh?

Childs play right!

Perhaps you’ve seen the likes of this guy

I could do better you say!!

Well…lets put that to the test!

Welcome to the community made event …

Battle Royale

So whats the score.

In teams of upto 5 players you will first, come up and design your OWN Alien POI, This will have to be tough, i mean REALLY tough.

Then you will let other teams try and take it down, Whislt you in turn try to take theirs down.

This is how it works…

two teams per go will be set off in elemental event orbit with nothing but a defenseless SV dopship. One of your team mates piloting and the rest in the back ready for war.

When we say go both teams will enter the planet, Searching for their opponents POI…

the first team to neutralise the POI wins, straight knockout.

How to win?

Its based on nothing more than time…the fastest team reach the core and take it out wins.


  • NO outside defenses (must enter a door before the action begins)

  • Make POI 20000 combat steel blocks big or less

  • The Core has to be visible and accessible without explosives/rockets etc…ie a coded door, (code must be available and logical to get)

  • The POI can have a maze or riddles within to slow down but they must be realistically achievable.

  • NO exploits or naughty designs/tactic such as turrets behind plants, or impossible one way to get past areas, through wall shooting etc. Just think A normal level based fps game.

  • TRAPS are allowed and death pits etc ASLONG as there is an alternate route, ie misdirection :wink:

  • Elevators are allowed

  • NO Plasma or outside designed turrets allowed inside or outside, strictly machine gun turrets. (normal POI inside weapons)

  • No digging allowed

  • NO spawning of any structure, must be done in 5 man teams on foot only

  • DRONE usage is fine as they now get destroyed

  • No more than 100 of all turret types (NO plasma or ion) only inside ALIEN turrets

  • No more than 50 Spawners of which only 4 can be armored Golem

  • Must be built from full combat steel

  • Blueprint size 10 Maximum

  • You can use items from your OCD and any weapon is allowed BESIDES

NO Rockets of anykind
NO Plasma of anykind
NO Explosives of any kind

-MUST be normal Alien core NOT Alien admin core.

Basically, Make the designs as if you as a player would love to see it in HWS universe or the game…because guess what, if they are good and look cool etc…can be modified to have external defenses and admin core…they will 100% be added to HWS and also, you will receive a a very nice reward :sunglasses:.

Important info

-Any players can make up the teams, you just need your POI

-Planet is PVE so no cheeky tactics

-Your players will be backed up and you warped to Elemental Event Orbit. When it is over you will wake up back ingame where you were like it never even happened.

-Die and spawn as many times as you want.

-Time limit is 1 hour - if no winner the referee will decide

-Knockout so depending how many teams participate, will be 1 v 1 but final 1 v1 v1 (will be random picked who fights whos base) max 6 teams.

-for inspiration think of Alien Asylum

The event will run next SATURDAY 28th in the evening at various times.

If you have a team message me the player names and your team name, deadline for registering a team is Friday.

Unlike normal events this has been conjured up by an awesome HWS community member Andrea of PKA.

This event is heavily reliant on the community buying into it…so as this is vital the


will reflect this

EVERY player that participates will receive 50 Reputation

3rd prize = +25 more reputation per member and 1,000,000 each
2nd prize = +50 more reputation per member and 2,000,000 each
1st prize = +150 more reputation per member and 3,000,000 each

Any questions dont hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

final thoughts

Think difficult but fun, looks cool and impressive…if you win, your home is permanent PVE if you want…possible even the glorious Eden where your be my neighbor…I have guests round often for pizza and Koffee :yum:.




Just to clear up any confusion:

You make these POI in creative mode right, Save the BP and then send to me. I check things over and then if your happy and im happy when the time comes i spawn the blueprints, which is why class 10 becuase i can spawn anything in Elemental Event.

So all you need to do is make the POI

send to me the blueprint

and then wait for the time when you get called as a team to attack another teams POI whilst they attack yours :slight_smile:

you are against one another POI only and not fighting one another, Basically its 5 people taking on a POI…that just happens to be created by the opposing team :yum:


Next Saturday is the 28th. sounds awsum love the idea!

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YAY! She said she had an idear! :wink: Good one!!

this sounds awesome lol. may just desing a poi for the fun of it to send achilles ill die storming a poi myself on foot lol but would still be fun :slight_smile:

Oh LoT will be designing one this weekend.

I’m done lol how do I send you the poi won’t let me publish it haha

I am building a POI too, but it is taking a loooooot of time. Can i send it to you for a verification that my efford is not a wasting oìf time? i’m worried if it is regular or not.

Im assuming these can be complex underground structures? best to check! :smiley:

Id anyone wants to send me the poi just go into your Empyrion directory and then saves and then blueprints. Send me only the folder name of the POI…(incase ppl don’t know :wink:)

Please update to Google drive or something similar and pm or discord me the link.

I will get back to you with feedback asap


Good question. Can we build underground?

Also will the gravity be?

Yes they will be loaded in the YAML file so can go underground :slight_smile:


i wanna kwow if a faction of 2 person can participate or how its the team set up, we need to bring all of our ammo and weapons or there will be provide by the event?

the event looks fun :relaxed:

Dark, Kogami, or Team where you need one more pvp player.
I can be your partner, if you want (sorry, i mention only EU Server).
Please find me in HWS Discord, and send discord link, thanks.

Admins, please confirm that people from different factions can play together.
And answer for some issues/questions:

  • weapon supply from player/admins ?
  • ammo supply from player/admins ? what will be if ammo will be supplied by players and will end ?
  • medics and food supply from player/admins ?
  • is it oxygen free area ?
  • death (so losing RP) - will be counted in main stats ?
  • what about loot from POI, are there are some valuable loot ? (epics, cores), can we take this loot ?

Thanks, Tesla

You have access to Ocd so prepare before hand it ammo etc

As mentioned players are backed up so after event you still the same as before participating :smile:… Meaning nothing you got in terms of loot count and everything you lost will be like it’s never been used.

We will provide a full stocked drop ship with plenty of hand ammo and weapons too help each team. Also some ration packs. Planet will be breathable.

Thanks a lot, Achilles.
What about building team of players from different factions ?

May be lets motivate people to develop new POI ? And giving them prize for best POI.
And separate prize for POI caping.

As mentioned before teams can be made up of a Faction or mixed factions and mixed origins.

If you have 5 players and a poi you are good to go :wink:

Quick update

POI must be finished by 23:00 This evening (UK time)

If you are participating please fill out the template below and to make life easy :slight_smile:


Player ingame name participating (upto 5)

Team name:

POI Name:

Requested event start time (UK):


I will contact everyone this evening when it closes to confirm your team start time, if you are missing members at that time the event will start without them :wink:

You will be spawned an infantry template into you backpack and also will have plenty of ammo etc in the dropship so OCD shouldn’t be required.

Dont worry about anything else, just be online and the rest will be done for you…will explain last bits over discord when teams are ready ingame tomorrow

good luck!

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Achilles hi again, what about event today ?
Did you form teams ? May be let make terms of participation more easy ?


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Thanks to all who created the amazing poi. Looki g forward to implementing them into 6.0.

Shame teams couldn’t make it. Cest la vie.