HWS Event Weekend | HV Tank Deathmatch

how do i submit my bp for round 2? via email? need an adress…

If its going to be a team based event, will definitely be there along with other people.

Does that sound like a team thing?

Hmm not really. I had “rock, paper, scissors” in mind with that. Sudden Death would be too fast and unfortunate for one misclick maybe.
If someone wins 2 times it’s over, max. 3 games.

Sorry, it was a response to the post above (questioning whether it was a team thing).
I personally understand both ‘rounds’ as 1v1 knockout tournaments, best of 3 for each match.

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Red today, just the three of us on HV with plasma! find us 3 of your opponents?)

im in to take part

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I case anyone wants to participate in round 2 but can’t or won’t create a tank I created one that can be freely used by anyone. Just ask Rexxxus to spawn one for you once we get there! :slight_smile:


I am in

hey, great event! much better then the last!!! thx Rex! it was really fun :slight_smile:

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I am in


Yeah really cool event. My favorit of all. But still too long. Much better witch 4 plasma!and next time without Aerdred and his enemy. I think that fight had a duration of 3 hours…

And who won the second event?bad that i had no time left. I think that would be funny with own tank

Alright @everyone, the event is almost finished!

We plan to do the second round on NA tomorrow at 9PM but since the time isn’t that good for NA maybe we will postpone it to a later date.

On EU at least we are done with everything.

Thanks so much for participating and I really hope you enjoyed it!
Special thanks to @Schleicher, being so crazy and stay with me awake for the 12 hour event yesterday!! And @xwert1 for building the awesome Arena! And thanks to @SirKnumskull for providing a cool “default” HV Tank for everyone! It lasted quite long in the Round 2 today! :slight_smile:

Tank Deathmatch results

Event Round 2

*Stunner vs michael
1: michael
2: stunner
3: stunner

Pico vs Ucka*
1: Pico
2: Ucka
3: Ucka

SirKnum vs John Olin*
1: John Olin
2: John Olin

*Jedi Meister vs xwert
1: Jedi Meister
2: Jedi Meister

Shazbot vs Sc4rface*
1: shazbot
2: Sc4rface
3: Sc4rface

*Gurafik vs TMT24
1: TMT24
2: Gurafik
3: Gurafik

Aerdred vs g1pz*
1: g1pz
2: Aerdred
3: g1pz

=== Sudden Death

Boz vs Stunner*
1: Stunner

Jedi vs Ucka*
1: Ucka

*Gurafik vs John Olin
1: Gurafik

Sc4rface vs g1pz*
1: g1pz

=== Half Quarter

Stunner vs Ucka
1: Stunner

g1pz vs Gurafik
1: g1pz

=== Rank 3 Match

Ucka vs Gurafik
1: Ucka

stunner vs g1pz
1: stunner


  1. stunner
  2. g1pz
  3. Ucka


Event Round 2

shazbot vs Aerdred
1: Aerdred

Jedi vs xwert
1: Jedi

Co6uP vs Schleicher
1: Schleicher

Liten vs boz
1: boz


vobox vs Aerdred
1: Aerdred

Jedi vs Schleicher
1: Jedi


boz vs Aerdred
1: Aerdred

Jedi vs Aerdred
1: Aerdred


  1. Aerdred
  2. Jedi
  3. boz




Round 1

*Dreamworks vs Chaplain
1: Chaplain
2: Dreamworks
3: Dreamworks

elstubert vs Jaydog*#
1: jaydog
2: jaydog

*Sleepdep vs Bloomsfield
1: Sleepdep
2: Sleepdep

Groovin vs Beetle*
1: Beetle
2: Beetle

Indic@ vs FlyinDanskmen*
1: Flyin
2: Indic
3: Flyin

THEBIGBOSS vs Slimbojai*
1: slimbojai
2: slimbojai

Fuego vs Jakurst*
1: Jakurst
2: Jakurst

Iponce de leon vs karuoxa*
1: lponce
2: karoxa

Tertim vs Jamestonic*
1: James
2: James

Taco vs abrum*
1: abrum
2: abrum

Shopwrecking vs Ryan*
1: Ryan
2: Ryan

Israel vs CaptCrabbypants*
1: crabby
2: crabby

Ucka vs Carnage*
1: Carnage
2: Carnage

Brucy vs riptose*
1: Brucy
2: Riptose
3: Riptose


Dreamworks vs Sleepdep
1: Dreamworks

Beetle vs FlyinDank
1: Beetle

Slimbojai vs Jakurst
1: Jakurst

Ryan vs Karuoxa
1: Ryan

Jamestonic vs abrum
1: Jamestonic

Carnage vs Crabby
1: Carnage

Schleicher vs Riptose
1: Riptose


Dreamworks vs Beetle
1: Dreamworks

Jakurst vs Jamestonic
1: Jakurst

Ryan vs Carnage
1: Carnage

Riptose vs RexXxuS
1: Riptose


Dreamworks vs Jakurst
1: Dreamworks

Riptose vs Carnage
2: Riptose

========== 3rd

Jakurst vs Carnage
1: Carnage

==== FINAL

Dreamworks vs Riptose
1: Dreamworks


  1. Dreamworks
  2. Riptose
  3. Carnage


Papparazzi everywhere - day and night

Good idea to leave the wreckages in the arena! Created more dynamic

NA Final