HWS facility, murderdeathkill, confused

Hi, bit confused.

Binomi planet, I had just entered atmosphere. Approached ground and shazam! ship blows up.

But… I lived!! Used my jetpack, soft landing. I win, they lose, I’m a genius… then… shazam! large explosive projectile lands directly on my head.

The murderdeathkiller? HWS Racom.

Now, HWS is the name of the server. They’re the nice folks with repair stations in space. They do other nice things, like maintain the server, feed the admins, etc. I like HWS. We’re buds… or so I thought.

Who actually is HWS since they’re not a faction?
How did I make them mad?
How do I not make them mad in the future?

HWS Racom is the name of the structure. It’s not the faction name. The faction is actually Talon owned (on binomi). If you are not neutral standing or better with Talon, then they will attack you and your vessels/bases.


true as open says here!

@RexXxuS, anyway to change raccies to the current race controlling them?

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It is set in the playfield.yaml and they claim a Territory you can see once you are near or using the Detector. Green = Talon, etc.

Racoms are very lucrative, if you are honored with that Faction. As @open6L already explained.


Thank you guys!

Now that you explain it, it makes total sense. Looks like I’ll have to be more careful out there.

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