HWS Features

Empyrion Admin Helper

Using Jascha’s exclusive Tool : Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH), we have modified many of Empyrion’s gameplay elements and enriched the gaming experience to a much higher level - bringing unique features to HWS.

Not only do we provide the best support possible, but we’re actively taking part in the game development process with features that are unique to and created by HWS. Some of these features include the Orbital Cargo Drone, Origin Planets, Orbital Auto Miners, HWS DNA, Elemental Banking, and much more… most of them fall under the umbrella of our in-game EGS Organization. These elements, features, and tools are what set HWS apart and they are driven largely by Your feedback and requests!

Below are all four Feature Categories:

Elemental Galactic Services

As long as you have HWS DNA and Credits, you are in business.

HWS Connect

Enhance your overall gameplay - with your web browser or mobile device.


If you think only war can make you rich, you’re mistaken.

Special Features

Set yourself apart from and above the rest.

We are incredibly proud of our unique and exclusive features and are very happy to offer them in both Europe and North America. We remain committed to their continuous improvement for the sake and benefit our fantastic community of loyal players.

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