HWS Firework Event | Happy New Year | Roadmap

Hi HWS Community,

the third time we have the honor to look back at a year of Empyrion / HWS and wish you a great coming happy new year! :fireworks::two::zero::one::nine:

It was a mixed year of events and incidents, from great to very bad. We had thousands of new HWS Connect users, over 4000 new players on EU / NA and the overall playhours exceeded way over 20 000 on both servers.
Beside these “stats” great people came to HWS, some great players left HWS.
Lately with Alpha 9 it’s a bit of a challenge I think to keep up the hope that Empyrion get the love in MP it totally deserves.
We have already cool features, we have already fun overall, but we really want a smooth, bug-free game, which in the end reduces the stress for Server Owners, reduce the toxicity due accusations, gives just more time to create cooler events and sub-features, you can dive into them.

Anyways, please watch the HWS Firework Event teaser video to know more about our new happy new year event.

On 31.12.2018. From 11:45PM until 0:15AM 01.01.2019

Thanks a lot to @Ju for the video :slight_smile:

Happy New Year Reward

I know a lot can’t participate but for the lonely souls who can make it, you get a warm reward of

  • 2,019 million credits
  • 2019 HWS Reputation Points

HWS Roadmap

It’s hard to say what will come, if you are that much dependent on coming patches. Alpha 9 showed again that all preparations can go nuts, no matter what you did.
But beside that, we have following ideas:

  • More interactive events for Solo, COOP and Teams
  • Fill the whole EGS HQ Stargate room with Missions
  • Create more deeper story elements between Origins and NPC Factions
  • Rework EGS Recycle to 10 levels
  • Release of HWS Skill Tree 2.0, where your Origin gives you different attributes and boni
  • Finalize the Commodity Trading system by integrate different Origin boni and mission rewards all together
  • HWS Connect 5.0 - a realtime experience

Let’s see how fast 365 days flies by next year…

For everyone who supported HWS — either with feedback, contributions (POI), playhours, Patreon or money: we really thank you that you make all of this possible for thousands of players!

Your HWS Team

Please make sure fusion bomb will be a thing :smiley: Can’t wait to bomb the **** out of someone.

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And Rex. Please change this. I’d love to participate, but that time zone you chose there, nobody who has same time as server time, will be on by then? People will be out shooting off fireworks, and stuff. Maybe by 20:00 or 01:00 but by midnight? Please reconsider this. Or at least make it last longer.

Totally intentional to give the poor guys who have to celebrate alone a nice chance of fun. Not made for the mass mainstream, due explosion lag fest.
But maybe we start it 15 - 30 minutes earlier.


is this CB:time?? some of us live at cb:time ::stuck_out_tongue:

GREAT EVENT, even if i can`t play! Depends if sober or not!

Have a great new year, and looking forward to the next 10 years =D


Dq thats nice to hear :wink:

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No event at NA? Well that sucks, still stuck at work.

This event was lots of fun! Thanks Rexxus!

When does the reward get sent out?

The Rewards will be paid out once the Heavy Guarded Cash Drone arrives Rexxxus :stuck_out_tongue:

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He has to wait on me ;).
Latest tomorrow it should be possible.


Rewards were given now.

Since I don’t know the gameplay of some NA guys and if they do CSW or not, they have to come back to me.
For now they got the 2019 RP on HWS EU. But if they do a CSW back to EU, it will get overwritten.

Overall it was a fun event and a video will be uploaded later of it.

Thank You very much for the event und the reward! We’ve had a lot of fun step in the new year with You all!

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I did attend the event but did CSW to get there NA -> EU and was last on NA server so would appreciate the RP on NA side if you would be so kind :partying_face:

Done. Only the RP. The credit stayed. You can use eb:payout:all on EU if you want to get them to NA.

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I also attended the event on EU and am from NA. Would you be able to put the RP on NA for me also?


done. For credits warp to EU again and type eb:payout:all in the bank zone.