HWS Forum

Was this forum designed by someone or was it created/operated by a “provider?” I really like the design and feature set and am interested in applying something similar to one of my personal websites.
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Never mind, I noticed your terms of service was originally written by Wordpress and it looks like you use their forum service.


the forum technology (Discourse) is a free open source project.
It took me about 11 hours to migrate our old phpbb forum to this one. Overall very very cool if you can setup it.

The theme + theme switcher was developed by me.
I shared it for everyone on my github page. You can read more about it here:


P.S.: The Wordpress ToS is in first place a legal placeholder to cover the most parts (it has a free licence to use). Hadn’t time to dig into it specificly yet. Not connected to Wordpress at all.

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Oh wow. Discourse is sweet. Thanks for the protip. I just started setting it up through my google VM.