HWS FPS Event Sunday - Details Inside

I got sent this message earlier, figured everyone should know:

Hey everyone, I’m a laboratory technician that used to work with Professor Void before he, uh, disappeared. Has anyone else been to his house and seen Void’s computers acting up more and more lately? They’re picking up transmissions from another universe!

From what we gather, this civilization is experimenting with something similar to our portal and supergate technology. They are using it to collect alien artifacts from multiple parallel universes and just stole some of our teleporter research equipment too!

Anyway, based on our projections, they will be passing back through our system on Sunday at 14:00 EDT (20:00 CEST) through a supergate wormhole. Normally, you can’t detect ships that travel like this but, since they are carrying our equipment, we can pull them out of warp! Once they’re disabled, we can take a look at their technology and maybe learn some things.

We… well, we’re all scientists. We don’t care for violence and based on what we know these guys aren’t exactly pacifists. My colleagues and I could use your help! We’ll give you some equipment and teleport you on board and, once you gather enough data by exploring the ship, we should be able to pull you off and reward you for your efforts.

We already know from their EMF signature that they have shields beyond our capability to damage. Our sensors also indicate that they have powerful weapons that will decimate capital class ships, so be careful!

(This is a HWS sponsored event that involves first-person PVP on a ship. It will take place on the NA server, though EU players are welcome to attend. The event will use the new event manager and NOT require you to risk any of your own equipment. The event will last for 1 hour while the alien ship repairs its reactor and warp drive. Teaming up and bringing friends is encouraged!)


Sounds awesome! Alas it’s too late for me but i bet there’ll be plenty of takers on EU! Good to see more player-led events taking place! Hope it works a charm :slight_smile:

Best regards

Several questions

Ok so we have a poi ship in space correct?
And it is our mission to land a crew there and take it out?
This means fighting off cap ships and svs?
Or will teleport onto the ship and fight first person shooter style?

You’ll be teleported onboard

No ships required

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To recap:

When and where?

NA server - 8PM - 9PM (type cb:time)

Action / Goal?

Invade a big Star Destroyer CV on foot, reach the bridge and destroy it!

The clue: the Imperial Defenders on the Star Destroyer are partially players!

This is the first event done with our new Event Manager. That means:

  • you won’t lose your RP or Inventory you had before
  • you get a custom inventory loadout at the start of the event
  • you get automatically teleported to and out of the event (type ev:? for the new event commands)
  • you get the event reward automatically, if you trigger the win condition: reach the bridge room (and stay there for few seconds)


Everyone who reached the bridge in time will get

  • 1 Epic Armor
  • 1 Epic Drill
  • 1 Random Ultra Epic Commodity Trade item
  • 10 Auto Miner T3
  • 5 Million Credits
  • 100 Reputation Points

Congratulation to @SrPato#9370

We got a lot of lessons out from it.
The first test of the Event Manager was a bit tricky.
Thanks for everyone participating!

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