HWS Garage Feedback

So I registered just to post this, I wanted to reply to the official thread about the shipyard feature in 6.0, but it seems the admin closed the thread. Before I start I want to make it clear I’m offering feedback in good spirit, I’m not trying to attack anyone at all. I’ve played on the HWS servers for quite a while and I really enjoy them.

Essentially the planed 6.0 HWS shipyard is an interesting idea, badly implemented. So for those who didn’t see the (now locked) thread the feature works like this: you can pay ingame credits to buy ships that break the game devs limits on blocks, weapons and speed.

This is an issue to me for a number of reasons:

A big part of the game on HWS is designing a good combat ship and fighting others knowing you are all working within the same limits. Having ships, even set designs, which break those rules undermines this process and a core part of the game. I know anyone can buy these ships, but for a player with a well-designed ship they made themselves being beaten by a premade ship which only won because it ‘cheats’ is going to seriously undermine the PvP focus of this server.

Additionally people won’t realise that these ships are ‘cheating’ at a distance, players will be expecting a fair and fun fight but instead will lose their stuff because of these limits being broken. If people want to keep playing we could all be forced by necessity to use these premade ships, surely no one wants this? All the unique designs we see every day would just be useless, not just the CVs but cool SVs and HVs too!

Another thing I think we need to consider is that these new ships make the challenging and fun PvP environment really hard to understand for new players to HWS who won’t be expecting an SV to have CV level armour for instance. People will just see that certain ships are overpowered and not understand why, surely this is bad for the server in the long run?

Another issue is certain changes, such as the speed limit being exceeded for some of these premade ‘cheating’ ships, will put a bigger load on the server and increase the likelihood of bugs and lag. The limit is there to ensure collision detections for projectiles and ships works as intended. The restrictions and limits on ships will change overtime, the game is in alpha, we should leave stuff like this to the devs in my opinion, there are so many other features on HWS which work really well which 6.0 could make even better.

Instead of making ships that essentially ‘cheat’, couldn’t we have these ships as some kind of advanced drones which threaten players with some meaningful PVE. Or could the shipyard not be a way of popular designs on the server being sold as a one off (if they can be made “unblueprintable”) to reward clever or artistic designers on HWS with credits?!

I really strongly believe the shipyard as it currently stands will undermine what makes HWS such a great server; brutal but fair pvp but with creativity and engineering too!


WHAT PVP??? You must be oblivious to whats really going on with PVP or think duking it out in warp sleds or workshop ships is PVP. Design all you want… wont matter. PVP is dead right now due to lag and FPS slideshows… show me any large faction doing PVP right now? Hell, pirates are gone, most hunters, and guardians too… either rage quit or taking a break. Seriously … your complaining about these ships ruining PVP = you have not clue

Have you not been to the garage and SEEN them? OMFG really… you think ANY of those ships poise a valid threat to "[quote=“TheGhost, post:1, topic:4622”]
a player with a well-designed ship
[/quote]??? From what i saw… cockpits in the front, completely exposed or some other serious trade-off. They are nothing more than niche fillers for certain tasks at best. One lucky shot and bamm… 1-3 million credits gone. One disconnect from said rampant “PVP” (ha), bamn… disconnect destroyed… 1-3 more million credits gone.

There is nothing wrong with adding flavor here and thats what im seeing in the garage. HV Miner with extra drills? Coolio… who can complain about that right? Even the new SV minner is super sweet… till a real SV finds it or rolls across an enemy HV… bye bye milions again.

Really? I got a bucket of sh… errr “Gold” to sell you too. 5 Million

hows it cheating when anyone can buy them? glad this bothers you more than oh… buried underground / water bases with turrets shooting through terrain. Damn… if i ONLY had one of those HWS garage ships, i could take out those non-cheaters. WAKE UP… your dreaming.

dont stop believing… its whats makes your opinions yours bud!

ROLF @ this post


Pretty much what he said.

There is no way one of the HWS prefabs will beat a 5.3 meta ship with a bunch of combat steel encased sentries to soak shots.

As far as:

Where were you when they implemented turrets targeting turrets and thus brought about a new era of cheese ships like what was the meta in 4.0?

If you’re so concerned about 'cheating" ships - you are barking up the wrong tree. You need not look any father than the fact that sentry turrets count as regular turrets and will be targeted through armor - so you just mount a bunch of them encased in steel cubes.

What’s that to you these days I wonder?

Really I think Rex and achilies are just desperate to bring some spice back into the PvP world and I appreciate the effort and so should you.

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So your ‘argument’ goes like this “pvp is broken right now so lets break it more, it can’t hurt” have I understood that right? The game devs can and will sort these issues at some point, welcome to early access. This has nothing to do with my comments about the shipyard will still be as valid.

Your response here appears to be “they are entirely useless so why do you care if they are in”. Isn’t a simpler approach to this that would keep your blood pressure at healthy levels just not implementing them?

Do you even understand why there needs to be a speed cap? As a hint; its not for fun its for performance. Didn’t you spend the first part of your post complaining about performance?

I’m guessing you chose to ignore what I wrote here, considering you appear to have managed it for the rest of your post. I didn’t say it was cheating, I’m saying its analogous to it. But here I agree with you, there’s enough bullshit exploiting as it is, like the underwater stuff. The difference is I don’t want to add to it whereas you do. Again you seem to think there’s so much exploiting already whats the harm in a few more sanctioned exploits.

In fact your entire post you only managed to make one good point I think, most of your arguments seem to be HWS is already in such a bad state whats the harm.

Sorry some of us chose to believe in HWS; I’m just trying to give reasonable feedback.

Please, you can fly through space at 2km/s with a grav gun and the game handles that well enough and in 4.0 days CVs did 115m/s and lagged LESS than they do in 5.x

Well I mean…yeah. The ships aren’t overpowered. So it doesn’t matter. Nobody is going to buy an HWS ship and go on a killing spree…in part because they won’t find anymore and if they do they’ll just die…

I get where you’re coming from. The meta hasn’t been balanced in the whole time I’ve played its just changed a lot, its not like 21 gun SVs weren’t dull as hell. My point here is that with an early access game this stuff tends to shift alot. [quote=“Mordgier, post:3, topic:4622”]
Really I think Rex and achilies are just desperate to bring some spice back into the PvP world and I appreciate the effort and so should you.

I understand where they are coming from, that’s why I tried to make some suggestions as to how the feature may be improved. I don’t see the need for this shipyard at all, and from the sounds of this thread at best its not going to add anything and at worst it will add to a bad situation. Whats the point?

The developers will shift the meta again as they always do with patches, we don’t need to add to the mess right now.

The speed cap is important for performance though, that’s how the engine works. The server can’t afford to check for collisions too often, lagshots are bad enough right now.

They weren’t actually. I had more fun with the cheap broken SVs than I did with CVs. Sure combat was a slideshow, but it was still fun and way less annoying when you died. I’m sure lag shots still happened but it didn’t really matter as you could hardly take more than a few salvos anyway.

Sure but it actually puts the fast ship at a disadvantage for lagshots. Not the other way around.

It was certainly different, Eleon nerfed the SV way too hard… But keeping on topic, its not like I disagree with you about this I just think the shipyard isn’t a suitable solution to problems in an alpha game, doesn’t mean I like the current meta. I just don’t want to make it worse.

Yeah I know, I’m trying to use it to illustrate why speed caps are important for the engine and performance which is what the other poster told me I was full of shit about.

If it actually produced OP ships, I’d agree with you. But it doesn’t. It produces gimmick comedy ships as far as I’m concerned.

I might even log in for laughs if I could buy an SV with a BA arty cannon strapped to it.

Shipyard killed pvp.

Pass it on.

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I just have to laugh at these kind of messages…nice theory, maybe understand the implications of what we are offering instead of blindly ‘assuming things’

  1. The ships that we implement might be fast or offer ‘reliable’ mining in the form of an SV maybe an SV with some better blocks…NO better weapons, only SV weapons on SV, so you can withstand a little more in the ship…for a little while, that you used in game credits for…and alot of them…which you dont need anyway ingame, so are we giving ALLLLL players the chance to spend their credits the same, yes, yes we are. Is everyone on the level field yes, does it mean you will win more PVP or have better attacks…no.

  2. affecting PVP…haha…The cockpits are fully exposed, and you cant take away things and add them again because the type and the blueprint wont allow, The fast ships have SV STEEL BLOCKS…they will break in less than 1 second if against a PVP ship.

  3. the initial ‘testers’ had some CV weapons but this was just a small test batch and in the future on SV will have SV weapons and we will not EVER be adding CV due to the reason that this could affect PVP.

Before you post in the future if you choose to, Perhaps understand the game first…and as for

We welcome constructive feedback always, we dont accept half attempted theory’s about things that arent the case, much like the reason the post was closed because someone saying pay to win, i mean WTF are people blind of just choose to troll because they have nothing better.

The ships are there to help players frustrations with things like, Farming, Planetary movement…going to your deep space bases that take ages to get too…

They are not PVP…

they are essential easter eggs…[quote=“TheGhost, post:1, topic:4622”]
you can pay ingame credits to buy ships that break the game devs limits on blocks, weapons and speed.

As for this, HWS has maybe 20 features or so that ‘break’ the devs limits, you take away everything we have built on HWS your left with a kind of cold alpha game.

You dont like the feature, dont buy them…your worried about the prospect of PVP, Id be more worried about the current game state of PVP…You dont want to play anymore on HWS becuase you dont agree, dont.

We don’t beg people to stay, We try to offer as much as we can, Some will like it and some will not…so many people cry about OCD at the start when brought in but we have record numbers now because we have it.

Take the good with the bad but dont forget we dont make the server to accommodate just YOU or anyone, we make it for E V E R Y O N E.



Yeah we do appreciate feedback here but this seems to go above and beyond that bud I’ve played this server for a while now, due to bugs and other issues I’ve shyed away from PvP and turned my attentions to other projects or playstyles, I currently own one of the garage svs, I’ve not looked at any and thought ya fucker! Look at that monster, I could dominate in it. I won’t point out the reasons as other have, because well now they have been pointed out haha.
Some of the guys who have replied are pretty much dedicated to pvp, that’s how they play and they do a lot towards testing also and they guys wouldn’t PvP with any of the garage ships. HWS pride themselves on providing the best and fairest server you can get. There is no pay to win or op cheats. Not on this server, never has been and there never will be


FYI the speed limit is already broken on the SV’s and CV’s in game. It’s a soft cap with diminishing returns it seems your CV can still do 115.5 and your SV can get up to 126.something. It’s just a matter of adding an overwhelming amount of thrusters and burning a ton of fuel in the process. ( an alien core might make this more affordable )

I will need to see a video of this. Because I have had acceleration of 200+ m/s2 and still been capped by the same limits.


I was going to get back with you on your additional posts but whats the point… you and your “viewpoint” was pretty summarily shot down multiple times already so I will leave it at that. As achilles even mentioned… no one is forcing you to buy them… and certainly no one is forcing you to play on the HWS server if you dont want to… nuff said.

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