HWS Garage Mechanic change

Hello HWS Garage lovers,

if you "sell" your ships at the HWS Garage, please read:
Starting Friday, 8th January, the HWS Garage will get a new mechanic to eventually solve a problem many players reported to me and something I don’t like to see myself.
Those f.e. “999 842 121” price ships that are used for item storage or “recruiting” stuff.

=> Things like that trigger me, because I always think: what if 1000 players are doing it? Since the answer would be devastating, it must be solved in my opinion sooner than later.

So, solution 1 is following change you see in the screenshot:

Due this change we also remove the one faction sell limit again.

And solution 2 is already provided by the recruitment wall in the EGS HQ.

Additionally, to fill the “recruit” gap this might create, I plan to add a “Propaganda” or “Recruitment” POI near EGS HQ or ECC Sector, where players can buy with Patreon membership or ingame credits actual .png/.jpg/.mp4 images/video slots.
After my approval you can then have your own cool recruitment video (with sound) played there then.

TL;DR: some players have time until Friday, 8th Jan. to remove their ships from the HWS Garage Zone (stop the “sale” with the ts:sell:0 command), which had no intent in selling their structures in the first place. Otherwise it might get expensive :grimacing:

Last but not least I know many want to see the “glory HWS Garage” to be returned.
Me too! The time is just not there yet. I’m drowning in other tasks, especially balancing everything properly… finally… so please have overall patience.

Your HWS Team


from EU side, there was ONE SV on the EU garage (do not know about the na side) and that was mine!
I do not feel everyone that want to sell should be taxed do to this!
My SV is removed from garage (taxes is cheaper) and will stay that way until something cheaper comes up!

No need to go all out on this part, when you can only ask those who park in garage to move!
Feel the new system will not be a glory to garage, more the death!

Hasn’t banning CVs on HQ fixed the recruitment malarkey?

It would be a shame to disincentivise people putting their ships up for sale in any way. If there are any ships that are purely storage then if it is not allowed you can have players report it then delete the ship.

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@RexXxuS maybe we should remove the HWS garage from the ECC to a separate sector altogether? How it’s done with missions. This will solve the problem of fictitious sale of ships, not for the purpose of sale. But at the same time, it will not completely kill the ship trade. And if the player wants to buy a ship, he can get to this sector with the help of a teleport. I do not use the HWS garage at all, but I plan to put up for sale my outdated PVP ships not in order to earn money, but in order to allow new players to get acquainted with the basics of PVP construction.