HWS Garage over powered?

Hi all, we are currently a team of 16 people, we have been trying out Pvp for 2 seasons now, some of them are used to Pvp, we know the garage system but we don’t understand why some cv’s have so many weapons, we think that it unbalances the game enormously, we have no problem against the big teams, they are many difficult to fight well organized and his veteran fighter, it’s a real challenge to tackle them. we are all equipped with fulls Pvp cvs and we notice that it is simply impossible to do 1 vs 1 against a garage Pvp cv, 6 artillery turrets … new players don’t stand a chance, even well equipped. i would like to have your opinion on the Hws garage.

Is this a serious post? Cuz tbh most of the cv are miners and the ones that are pvp are not really that good. They are made to be pretty and mostly pve. Once shield goes down on them they go down really quick

hello :slight_smile:

First, take a look here for all limits and “ekstra`s” on HWS… Aslo how to best defeat a garage ship!

I can understand some of the ships there can seem a bit overpowered, but at the same time, everyone can buy ships from the garage!
Also, when traveling arround, i feel most factions have their own pvp ships, and not so much the garage ones! They are expensive, so not all will use them in pure pvp combat!

I love the idea of the garage! People need something to spend money on in this game exept buying from other player :slight_smile:


Garage PVP CV’s are not good. 1v1 against a garage CV should be an easy win assuming you are not in some PvE workshop CV.


you know how pvp works, you put reverse + cruise control, in frontal attack, 6 or 8 artillery turrets can dig any pvp cv up to the cockpit in less than a minute of combat. i am aware that many players are veterans and are better than us. this is not the problem, we just have the impression that in 1v1 frontal attack the difference in firepower is huge.

More turrets does not equal more better. It still comes down to the age old comment of “Get Good”

And besides, the garage has no PvP vessels in it right now.

@ Chaotic , we know the rules of pvp construction very well,
bait turrets/generator/engines, lagshot block, properties of xeno blocks and military blocks, more than 21 turrets is less efficient.
there is only a small one on the garage for the moment indeed, but the one that we crossed Wednesday was equipped with 6 turrets of artillery, in 1v1 frontal it was a real massacre.

Max Arti count on a garage ship is 4, but garage ships are built with exposed thrusters and are either fully carbon or are tiny. The Nichirin is an insanely small fighter, (3000 Blocks… about 15% of a real combat CV) so once shields go down it gets destroyed quick. I don’t think the Murcielago is still in the game after Simple’s ragequit of the server…

Most garage CVs can be beat by workship ships if the person flying it has more than 5 minutes of flight time.

The only useful garage ships are miners. I could sit face to face and nobody move with any garage ship and my cv would win. probably even 2 vs 1. They are garbage. Extra guns on a garbage design doesn’t equal good.

one thing that is being missed is that the garage ships are suped up workshop ships meant mainly for novelty. yes it is entirely possible to tear down and rebuild an insane monster with enough time, patience, and skill. the majority of most avid PvP players would rather spend their time hunting than building. the time involved making a garage ship PvP viable would be wasted after the 1st feature bug decides to intervene. not many are willing to risk it. this is why there are not many currently flying around. there are sale totals of every garage ship purchased on HWS connect that shows the most commonly sold.

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From my experience with garage (PVP) ships;

Adding CPU pretty much killed off most garage ships.
Any time I saw a garage ship that became the first target to kill as you want to hurt the enemies pocket in a fight.
Since they added CPU there is not one garage pvp ship that could beat a normal ship built well.
Garage ships are FULL of weaknesses (small because cpu limits, exposed thrusters, everyone knows where the cockpit/ core is so no hidden tech)
Back when I used to buy garage ships I would spend 5+ hours reworking them to make it stand a chance in pvp.

If I do see you in pvp space with a garage ship (since they are overpowered according to this post) I will make it top priority to pirate the ship and add it to our trophy wall :slight_smile:

Overall, they are not overpowered by any means.

Best money spent on garage ship is a miner with over limit drills

You won’t have veterans flying garage CV’s, at least you shouldn’t. There is more to it than just more guns. The second the enemy brings a garage CV into the fight, it will be target number 1.

You guys are new and at first impression it may seem Garage CV’s are OP, understandable.

However, you will have every veteran player on this server assuring you they are not OP. HWS Veterans do not use them for CV-CV combat… unless of course we are bored :joy:

Fake news! We used them in CVDM event!.. long-long ago :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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well… Without sticking my fingers to deep, i guess @Taran got the answer he wanted!

Garage is not to overpowered, as most factions use own ships!

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I don’t quite agree with your points of view, but thank you for your answers. Good night.

hey budd =) was not an invite to close the thread :slight_smile:
But after reaiding every post, i feel that is the answer?


the sales themselvs show your answer. there is only one figter CV sold called the Nichirin at 27 million credits. is has sold 15 times in NA and 13 times in EU. the most popular ship is the mining SV called Archimedes selling at 15 million. 178 have sold in NA and 83 in EU. there are well more than 28 CVs currently flying around in PvP. you can visit the garage urself and see just how mighty the Nichirin actually is by taking one to Homeworld for about 5 min. i can guarantee the ships u will will see barreling down on you are not garage ships at all.

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Not sure if this is a serious post or not, going to assume it is.

Garage “PVP” ships are just workshop ships with more guns. If you don’t know what I mean by that, a workshop ship lasts 1-2 volleys in PVP. Sure, you can beef them up, but the weapon placement is set, you cannot move the extra guns. Which severely limits your options. I am a part of a large-ish pvp faction (If you come to PVP in NA you will meet us quick) and I don’t know a single member that runs Garage CVs in combat. We have the resources, but everyone prefers their own (Or friends) designs. Custom built PVP CVs are so far above workshop/garage ships it’s silly. Also based on your posts your PVP knowledge is incomplete, and your faction needs to test more things. I don’t say this to be a dick, just stating a fact (Some of your information about PVP is simply wrong)


The post has a question mark. It’s not for nothing. We don’t pretend to be veteran pvp killers… we have a copy of the hws configuration and we are training, I’m talking about a special case, a garage fight cv modified with an addition of blocks, it’s far from being my first battle, I’ve never seen a cv digging a tunnel all the way down so fast. tactical mistake on our part ? maybe yes, but I had a doubt, that’s why I ask the question

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One battle with any ship does not prove its worth. No ship can be considered invincible. The topic of this post is asking if the garage ships are overpowered. We have explained why they are not. More experience with them will allow you to understand the answer for yourself. Buy one, armor it up, and test it out. Better yet, take a stock one and smash it up with a PvP ship I have on the workshop. I would love to see a video of it :slight_smile: