HWS Garage-Ship suggestion

Just as a quick question, who would like to see a multi tool turret sv?

I worked on a “HWS Utility X” SV for the HWS Garage.

If there is interest we can finalize it for you and sell!?

  • You can Multi Tool Turret in Space
  • You can use Multi Tool Turret on Planet
  • You can use Drill Turrets on Planet or in Space
  • You can HV Drill T2 on Planet

YEESSSSS PLEASE. Also I submitted a blueprint to Dee for another ship, dunno if it got through to being approved, but itd be really nice in terms of a utility ship.

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I would buy the hell out of that Rex.

Guess I’m saving my gold xD

didn’t CV multiturret work in both space and planet?

I’d suggest reworking turret placement tho, back ones won’t have enough range to effectively be used to the front,a nd using turrets in reverse is a pain ;(