HWS Garage Ships Problems

@RexXxuS MWG Faction here,

MWG has lost two Garage ships, we are only led to believe that the ships “bug” themselves on the server since the build is technically not possible by Empyrion logic.

MWG Cardinal (ID= 23435004) Last seen on Magrathea, E/W Pos. = 4050/ Height Pos= 192/ N/S Pos. = -1305. Last visited 4 days, 22:07, Delted = True

MWG Tie Drill ( ID= 23438003) Currently seeable at 600-800m before the ship’s tag disappears. Magrathea, E/W Pos = -1364/ Height Pos = 196/ N/S Pos = -209 Last Visited = 1Day 05:40/ Deleted = False

The total cost of these two ships is 3 million cr. so we are concerned as a faction why this happened. The Tie drill is still savable since it hasn’t been deleted yet, but as a faction we would like to know:

  1. Why did these two bug out and not any of our other ships?
  2. Is there a way to tell if the Cardinal was attacked or did it just get removed by the server?
  3. Can you, by chance, save the Tie Drill?
  4. Anything we as a faction can do to make sure this never happens again?

We love the ships in the HWS garage and hope to start some kind of collection of them, but if we cant guarantee these Garage ships’ stability, we don’t see any reason to buy from the Garage.

Again, at the least we are looking for answers and would be grateful for results, best of luck.

MWG is happy to be on HWS and we love what you do, continue what you do, WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

~MWG, Guardian~

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Hey @Zed-Nate25,

Oh sorry! Bookmarks doesn’t help if not visited after vacation :expressionless:

I sorted the tie drill with some of your crew out.

I can only say that the svs from the garage shouldn’t make problems at all. But lately a lot of green wall bugs happen. We never had such a long run time of the servers.
Backups eating giga bytes of giga bytes.

But 6.0 coming more and more