HWS Guide rework!

Hey @everyone

after some hours later I migrated the whole Google Doc Guide to our forum and activated them as a wiki.

Here are reasons / a how to:

  • You and I don’t like to have information flying all over the place. Click here, click there, page reload here, reload there

  • everything is now nicely integrated within the forum. That means you can easy cross link / quote etc.

  • Google Docs was “smart” but not comfortable

  • In the forum you have the exact timestamp of posts. No accusations anymore that the admins change stuff whenever they like

  • the forum has a RSS / ATOM feature. So you can bookmark posts etc. more easily

  • the wiki is editable for everyone with a trust level of 3. Trust levels are kind of “earned” for good, frequent posts here in the forum

  • the forum has powerful features. CTRL+B to bold text… general shortcuts. You can start replying and then just go to another topic, select text and quote it in your original reply, etc.

  • Grammar / english skills can be always edit

  • content specific rules or changes must be communicate with the HWS Team

  • No replys for the Guide section. Make a new topic in the “General Discussion” with a reference to that rule

Hope this helps everyone in a better way! I let the Google version life for a short time and link then only to the forum.


Your HWS Team


Where I could find, which lvl I got? :smiley:

If you go to your profile under “Badges”.

Trust Levels:

1 - Basic
2 - Member
3 - Regular
4 - Leader

Okey. Thx.

Btw - “Regular” got grey color icon - its normal? All others Badges got orange color.

Yeah they count it as medal colors.

Bronze (orange) = low
Silver = mid
Gold = top (leader)

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Is it OK to create whole new topics?

LBP had a 20 page internal newbie guide to Empyrion specific to HWS that I’d like to edit to be a viable generic guide to HWS.

Can you categorize it to the existent sections?
Trust Level 3 can also reply to existent guide topics if they add / extend the predefined topic content.

Otherwise the Community section is also a nice place for it with the “guide” tag in it like here:

Yeah but that post isn’t editable and I can’t figure out how to make my own post that’s a wiki…

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Nice. Is this because I spot corrected your phrasing yesterday on the google doc? :yum:

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Edit the wiki with the green button at the top right (see the first post for screenshot).

If you want to make an own community post as a wiki see here: