HWS Guide Suggestions

Hello HWS Community -

with all the changes, the new guide, the new stuff to come with 6.0 and the influx of new members to HWS, i thought i might create a thread where people might provide suggestions on stuff to add/change clarify a point in the HWS Guide.

Is there a rule that you’re not clear on? Some rumored guideline people keep saying buy you cant read anywhere? Something that needs to be explained but isn’t? Something just not making sense?

Please post your feedback on improving the guide here - perhaps we can help Rex maintain great documentation for all of us to benefit from.

thanks in advance for being constructive!

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I don’t know how useful it will be but adding a very strong suggestion to keep a warp sled in your bp factory at all times might nip some of the “My ship warped without me” complaints I see in global all the time.

But who am I kidding. They won’t read the guide.


It’s actually already in the guide!! :joy:

Edit: i was wrong! I could have sworn i had just read it, but must have been on forums – It appears the TIPS page missed this.

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