HWS Guide / Wiki Contribution

Hello @everyone,

As you know, the Guide (now updated) has a critical and massive impact on all players. It is an extremely helpful and invaluable source of knowledge both for beginners and veterans. Changes to Empyrion and HWS are ongoing and the Guide is where players can reliably look to read about new developments and features.

The best solution was to create a new forum user group called: Wikianer
Players can freely join or leave this group and being in the group allows members to edit & even create new sections in the HWS Guide.

This is a gesture of tremendous trust on our part and the players will no doubt benefit from the combined experience and knowledge of the entire HWS community.

Here are our guidelines for editing the Guide:

1. If you abuse the Wikianer role to spam, modify, falsify, or create random Guide topics, you will be instantly removed from the forum, kicked and blocked from the HWS Discord server, and permanently banned from all HWS Servers!
2. All edits have an audit trail which include time stamp and creator identity.
3. If you are unsure about one of the sentences within a Guide section, create a normal post in General Discussion or ask in Discord.
4. Before creating an entirely new topic, please get the approval from an admin first.
5. Never reply to a Guide topic or post with a comment or discussion. It will be removed immediately.
6. Feel free to correct any typo / grammar mistake you may find.
7. You need to have at least a forum member status with Trust Level 2 to join the Wikianer group and edit a Guide post.

Your HWS Team