HWS Homeworld Event Bugged

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What happened:
=> [WAS] Faction took over HW during the HW Event and we got a message saying that we won the event. A few minute later, the owner of WAS, Dark Matter got teleported out of the planet atmosphere. About 2.5 hours around cb:time 06:15 I got teleported out and couldn’t get back in. I was on the planet mining for a few hours and had Gold, Erestrum, Zascosium in the harvester when I started lagging a little bit. The “P menu” wouldn’t work, so I just did a quick log out and log in to fix that. When I logged back in. I was about 24km out in space, while my “Dead Eye” [16366114] was still down on the planet. Hobo and myself tried a couple times to get back in atmosphere to retrieve the Eye, but were unsuccessful.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Heli_Professer, Hobo, Dark Matter

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 06:30

=> Homeworld

Structure Name(s):
=> Dead Eye

Structure ID(s):
=> 16366114

How can we help you now:
=> The Eye might be wiped by the time you get on, so we’d like to at least get our Eye back from the whole ordeal. I know beggars can’t be choosers, but I don’t know what the odds are of getting the gold, erestrum, and zascosium back as well that I had harvester. I don’t know how you can go about recouping the faction itself for completing the mission and not getting the full 18hours of the planet to ourselves. The mission ended at 03:06 and the last person got kicked off the planet around 06:30, so we got about 3 hours of the planet.

Well, what do you expect will happen if you change your faction name in the middle of events? :slight_smile:
The Homeworld Event only listen to the Faction Owner. So the mistake is obvious here.
The Homeworld Event winner is set to LLC - I changed it as exception to WAS now.
Why do you changed your faction in the first place though??
Next time I can’t do much about it. Seems fishy to me.

You can grab your ship yourself from Homeworld now.

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