HWS HV Race Event 2.0

Hey @everyone,

even though I am very busy with HWS 8, we want to still get some fun for you of course — especially after @SirKnumskull built such a cool & unique track!

2 Day Event

Qualification and Hotlap Challenge | Saturday — 8 PM

  • One timed hotlap per participant, no second chances!

  • The ten fastest racers advance to the main race on sunday

  • Beat staff times or the time of the creator of the racetrack for a bonus

  • You can select any of the three given racers to do your hotlap!

Every participant that finishes a timed lap within the rules will receive a reward of 1 million credits and 100 RP!

Hotlap challenge and prices

  • Beat the time of 1:42 by @SirKnumskull to win an Alien Core
  • Beat the time of 1:51 by @RexXxuS to win a XL Resource Package
  • Beat the time of 1:58 by @gareth to win 999 Gold Ingots

Final Race | Sunday — 8 PM

The ten fastest qualificants race on sunday for the title of HWS 7.X.X champion! The grid positions are given by the times achieved on saturday, a faster time results in a higher placement (e.g. fastest time gets Pole Position).


1st: 10 million credits + HWS Penthouse for the START of HWS 8

2nd: 5 million credits for the START of HWS 8

3rd: 2,5 million credits for the START of HWS 8

4th-10th: 1 million credits for the start of HWS 8


  1. Cutting corners and leaving the track to gain an advantage are reasons for disqualification
  2. No griefing, blocking the track, or interfering with the proceedings in any way. This will be grounds for disqualification and further punishment as the staff sees fit
  3. The starts lights will signal the start of the race and qualifying laps, jumping the lights will lead to disqualification! The race/lap starts on green!
  4. You have to choose one of the three given racers for the qualification and the race! No personal modifications are permitted with the exception of a custom paint scheme.
  • you can choose one of the 3 Racers

    • Racer 1 (green): easy handling but less thruster force
    • Racer 2 (red): good allrounder
    • Racer 3 (blue): beast in speed but does not allow any mistake, hard to handle
  • you can test the Racetrack as often as you want until the Event

    • the entrance is in the Event / Mission room in ECC HQ

The track is open for practice from now on up until qualification! (but don’t pollute the track)

The teleporter is located in the Event & Mission room above the main lobby of EGS HQ on ECC!

May the best win! :slight_smile:

Enjoy your time on the track and good luck in practice and racing!

Your HWS Team

P.S.: since this was a player built track during the season it’s only available on EU - NA folks, please do a CSW


This looks great - and good prizes!

@SirKnumskull nice work on the course!

Perhaps you could do do a youtube video of a lap from your perspective??? :slight_smile:


whoop whoop nothing to shoot?

Yeah but still loving this event! I would be there! GOGOOGOGO


Can we make it a death race? Put some turrets on the track to shoot at the HVs? It would give that sense of uncertainty.

Sure! Just need a new editing program since mine doesn’t want to work anymore.

@TacoIsland maybe @RexXxuS could shoot you with an admin rifle during the race to make it more uncertain for you! :wink:

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A’ight, I’m game.

Here is the requested video of the track, one lap in Racer 3: @sacredglade

edit: That automatically generated thumbnail will make @RexXxuS moist! :wink:


That looks really cool (and tough). Love the high hairpin bend…

Something your not telling us @RexXxuS?

Thank you for the 15 particpants! :slight_smile:

See you tomorrow in a hot race!


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Link for Race


Great race ! Myself and Tony were wondering…is it possible to acquire the 1 mil reward for the qualifying participation ? Also ! Tony never got his 999 ingots…and ! can the Penthouse reward be swapped for something else, as we’re going to buy a Planet come alpha 8 :slight_smile:

I thought I gave it already… strange. Done now.

Exactly, look above, he got the XL donator resource package.

Sorry this is not possible due too many possibilities and preferences but you can either gift it to someone else or keep it for one day. (Btw. even with the Donator Planet it would not stack the global limits.)

Super ! thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Hi RexXxus, I did not see the participation reward in my player log either.

Correct, such things are not tracked in the player log because I handed it out during runtime. I see you got it after the qualy race.

oh I see! thanks :slight_smile: