HWS in patch notes

  • Fixed: More than 20 internal errors reported on support email and collected on HWS Server (thanks so much!)

Also now we have ‘private chat’ it seems from/to the server and LOD textures so that the weaker PC’s might not enter a slideshow anymore when facing tons of autominers.

The (possible) bad:

  • Added additional security check to prevent entering a playfield if the max structure count would then be exceeded

Does this mean that traders won’t be able to enter their own planet? And does this mean we can no longer enter Homeworld AT ALL? We will see… Imagine being stuck in random orbit because the neighboring galaxies are at their structure limit :P. And Homeworld is so popular it’s too easy to reach the structure limit there.

I can’t login to find out :frowning:

Indeed I hope that it has options with settings like 20 cores over is okay, for x amount of time, so no one can park in a place once its overpopped, but, can still in cases like homeworld say escape a planet/system. Guess we shall see when we log back in lol.

Would be interesting… I knwo homeworld and earth and trader planet are (near) full. Meaning that nobody can travel from west to east and vice versa anymore because homeworld blocks the entire route :D. A Galaxy divided.

Also interesting… So if I put down max cores in a random orbit, then that orbit is mine forever and nobody can leave the planet anymore :D.

The MUN is mine!

Will make battles harder as well in some cases I can only imagine trying to bring in the cavalry only to find out the core limit is maxed out on the planet the rest of your faction is fighting and needing the extra hardware/bodies your bringing lol.

It would suck, what if faction A has 20 players there and the other faction can only bring 2…

Wonder if you can even login on a max structure playfield.

More taxes on Faction planets = more cores in Homeworld. Simple.

We will increase the core limit but this will cause some interesting scenarios…

Does it count as grieving to build max core blocks on gold planet so nobody else can enter?

Perhaps we need a new rule for PVE planets to restrict factions to 2 cores + 1 per faction-member? And for PVP planets maybe max 5 permanent BA/CV? Because right now the best BA is one with tons of cores with separate guns. But this breaches the core limit very fast.

Yup Tiny we need to limit cores per faction in playfield

ha ha ha… Ye ye, go limit cores. And u wouldnt see any normal BA on Gold. I wonna see that.

For this moment, only Bases makes some problems for us (its take a lot of time). But only, if we speak about some system of BA (multiply 5-10 BA with good positioning on right landscape) , which create this Base. If this gonna be only ONE BA… I think our 3-5 raid-CV, ruined it in 5-10 min, without any problem. Thats gonna be boring.

Yea I understand with the guns being limited that the only respose is to deploy more bases and hv support I had almost 15-20 on neo planet and my faction was the only one there. We saw some DSH patrols which seemed to leave us alone. We’ve had one person or group wreck our base before 4.3 patch with cv homing missiles. So with the new patch gotta see how the new balancing is before I could even consider limiting cores of my faction in pvp. In pve land I totally understand restriction of vessels/bases. I also like my factionmates keep most of our stuff in the factory until we are ready to deploy it, so we usually have as much or more in our factory than we have out. The only way I could see cv/base restriction working is if the gun restriction was lifted somewhat maybe double on some guns. Think the total right now is like 35ish turrets for cvs/bas. I understand why they limited turrets, but, if peeps think that the core count is gonna be an issue this may go back and forth just like the balancing of guns and ammos. At least till further optimization is done.

In any case, the PM part of the patch means that we can get rid of the server spam.