HWS Ingots and more use to them

I have been thinking that if HWS Ingots would be tradable they could serve a bigger purpose. A bit bigger faction could maybe buy some bigger donor things like planet or a space with them. You could sell them (maybe at 30 to 50mil/cr/Ingot) etc. Im guessing that this cant be done unless eleon implements the actual ingot to game or you guys manage to code it to eb:sendingot:12345:x kinda thingy where you could send the ingot like you send money.

I hope you get what im trying to say and dont get me too wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

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It would be easy doable but not sure if we are ready for that step yet.
I see already shady transactions being done with eb:Sendcredits… for HWS Ingots it would be worse I guess.
Will think about it.


There could be rule in the code that you can only send ingots to owner of the faction that you are part of. That would minimise the “shady” transfers i quess. Free trading of them would then be disabled.

My trades weren’t shady!

I traded for some good ol’ ASCII pr0n!

You too?

Well, portions of it were shaded in, but only for more depth. It needed to be as unrealistically lifelike as possible to fit in with this word finder fetish.