HWS+ Interactive Trailer | Release on 15th June

Dear HWS Community,

since I get asked frequently here is the status update of HWS+:

Because of the HWS Reforged Eden EU incident, that stole a lot of my time and because of the upcoming Patch 1.8, I have to set the new Release Date of HWS+ to 15th June or simply: as soon as Patch 1.8 is gonna be released, HWS+ will be released as well.

This allows me to offer you a new, interactive presentation of some new HWS+ content, the universe included.

The next step is the release of the HWS+ Creative Scenario in the workshop that many of you are asking for as well.
Please let me finish some final polishes towards the config, so I can hopefully release the first version on Friday.

Sorry for asking again for a bit more of your patience but it’s the final one.
I’m excited to start working with you on a new, better Scenario that focus on exactly what we like.

Your HWS Team


This is HUGE news!!!

I may be banned from the discord, but i will be here on June 7th to see how the release goes!

Good to finally hear the news, Rex, congratulations!

I just chimed in to encourage everyone to watch the embedded video above. It explains A LOT!
Thank you.