HWS Introduction & Philosophy

Welcome to the HWS server(s)!

We (@Jascha and @RexXxuS) played Empyrion in the first few years after it was released but grew increasingly frustrated by how multiplayer servers were being mismanaged. We felt that some of the admins were not being professional and were also not realizing the full potential of such a great game. We wanted to change that.

We used our programming experience to create a tool to help admins better maintain and manage their servers. The tool is called Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH) and it is officially endorsed by Eleon Studios and most server admins now use our tool. It streamlines tasks that would normally require a lot of command-line typing. If admins have more time to create content for and support their servers, this enhances the player experience and this supports our primary goal: Provide Empyrion players with the best experience possible.

The first HWS Server opened its hangar bay doors in March of 2016 - the HWS (EU) server!

Since then, we’ve implemented more and more exclusive features - tools that greatly enhance gameplay and are found only on HWS servers. These features include the Orbital Cargo Drone, Orbital Autominers, Bounty Hunting, Banking, Ship Recycling, Skill Points, Missions Challenges w/ Rewards, Cross-Server Warp and many more. These features made HWS a very popular server and our player base grew dramatically. In response, we added an HWS (NA) server and later - a Cross Server Warp to allow our communities to play together! HWS is one-of-a-kind.

One of HWS’s greatest strengths is that player progress is preserved regardless of server wipes thanks to HWS tools such as Elemental Banking and the Orbital Cargo Drone. Our HWS Connect web interface allows players to manage their in-game avatar and assets offline. Our driving philosophy is to create a server run by experienced professionals which appeals to the widest variety of playstyles - a place that players can call Home.