HWS keeps disconnecting me

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What happened: It says connection has been lost, now it happens every three mins or so.
Player(s) with issue: Canek
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): It’s been happening and getting worse during the last week
Playfield: Currently at Lawless HQ, but happening everywhere.
Structure Name(s): Olympus, ARM Sagan, Owl 01
Structure ID(s): - - -
How can we help you now: Point a potential solution, as the connection on my end seems stable with everything else.

Can you send us your client logs?
What ping do you have to the server when you see the server in the list and when ingame?

Jascha, as I reported before, I cant play on my wired connection, only on wireless, and I blame the bandwidth management software which comes with the laptop. Maybe he also tries switching the network card? Since ping will be irrelevant in a scenario where some driver blocks the traffic or artificially increases the ping.

firewalls sometimes stop the game from running smoothly try turning them off

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