HWS Market suggestion


I think I am right in saying you can buy from the HWS traders Globally? (if not then this suggestion is a waste of your time.:slight_smile: …)


It might be a good idea to have a HWS trader (not a player one) that sells a really tiny supply package that players can buy as an alternative to the fresh start option when stuck in PvP playfield.

By this I mean perhaps 50 small fuel cells, 20 small O2 bottles, and 10 vegetable tins
Just enough to enable a player to spawn a prepared BA/ SV and get off planet…

Might save a few “distress calls” to the police/admin team as well as getting players to use the HWS traders.

The balance of this is it could be considered too easy a safety net - better to send people to fresh start again. (though still not going to help out players that did not have BP’s ready to spawn)

For consideration anyway…


Thanks. This is possible yes.
Would be cool if the community can come up with a package I only have to copy paste (inclusive price for credits and RP).

If we were really generous, we could expand the package to include a spawning platform kit: a ba core plus 50 concrete blocks. :blush:

Personally if this was to be adopted the contents of the package would only be valuable in an emergency situation, you wouldn’t buy the package at any other time. Probably only 1 RP value, (like stealth) and around 200,000 credits (4 gold meteors in current meta).

What do others think to the idea, the resource package and the cost it would be (if implemented).

Should it have a multi tool T1, drill T1, assault rifle T1 and bullets/fuel?


i like the idear of an emergency package.
i hear a lot of ne wplayers that have warped into a pvp zone without looking at the map 1st to see if its pvp and then get killed there and cry for help as there home spawing has not worked. just enough to warp them back to a pve area would be cool

I like the idea Sacred. It would need to be limited - dont want people using it every 5 mins and stocking up.

Assuming a scenario in which they have no prepared BPs what can be done. Can necessary components for a mini-SV somehow be included along with fuel and health essentials? RCS, fuel tank, gen, 02 tank, 6 thrusters, cockpit. If going this route they’d also need a BA starter and SV starter w/ say 20 concrete base blocks to spawn off.

I think the price needs to be much cheaper than you suggest - the type of person who gets stuck in such a situation may never have seen a gold asteroid/meteorite before so 200k would be steep. I’d suggest 10k and 1 RP.

Maybe limit to 2 per day and call it something simple/obvious like ti:buy:rescue or ti:buy:aid

Not needed. they are already limited per Origin specs. E.g. lawless

Would it be possible to permit a globally available fully built warp ship and appropriate starter platform?


Or maybe incorporate all into one command?

Obviously with increased cost.

… and another suggestion. An EGS Outpost (with spawn pad) on each planet where minor ship components can be bought from an AI trader or help can be accessed via an egs command.

yes, with more time to code.

On a certain degree we are leaving the “Survival” game then though and enter “pay to service” game aka mobile games aka casual games.

It is also in my mind that this should not be something that is very valuable on the starter planets. Don’t think that a bit of concrete, some fuel, small O2, and a bit of food (and possibly a t1 drill, t1 multi and fuel) would add much value to the start planets.

However as long as you have a sv bp ready to spawn, and can buy some fuel cells to power and some food+air to keep alive, this is enough to get mobile, find some pentaxid in an asteroid and get off planet.

I think I favour those that have absolutely no bp prepared or any other fall back position, having the fresh start as the main escape route. (If it happens once, you will not let it happen again…)

But these are just my thoughts, happy to except others view if they think this would make it too easy!

I have fresh start, 4 times this season. Three of them were because, I lost my emergency constructor. I think if I understand the hint given out by Hummel-of-war, He is looking for a way to add a small emergency constructor to our suit. This would completely replace the need for those respawns.

The other time I respawned was because I was stuck between the three pyramids on Magma with a gutted CV and gutted SV and no easy way to get back to my main base without dying. I choose to fresh start as it was quick to respawn my sv and escape pad. I could have simply gone back to my base, but I wanted some items.


Good point about the potential forthcoming suit constructor - that may make a massive difference in these situations. Possibly more valuable on a multiplayer server than the solo play?

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