HWS Marketplace improvements


Hello i have 2 suggestion for marketplace.
The first one is to drop prices of items more fast
-25 one week
-50 second week
-75 third week
The second one is an auction section… is gonna be fun take an auction for some items like alien cores, commodities etc. Auctions should not be more than 24hrs long.


Some items simply need more time to sell so I’m against it, it would be the best if entire auto price drop feature would be optional.

This might take some work to implement, but I think it’s a very good idea.


If some items need more time to be sold means that you are selling those overprice/wrong price. Anyway you can upper the prices before the discount. With a 3 months season the prices will drop by 75 only for the items posted in the first month. From now on all the items will be never discounted by 75%. We need a more dynamic market.


Not really, if item will sell for particular price in 10 days, but not in 7 days you can’t sice that price is wrong. It’s up to the seller to decide if he wants quick cash or is willing to wait more time to get a bit more.

That’s true, but that requires additional action, I’d prefer to drop prices manually if I think item won’t sell.

Maybe fee system could be changed so “storing” items on market would cost credits, but on the other hand if people are willing to sell items at given prices I don’t see a problem with their offers being on the market even if that price is very high.