HWS Mission / PvE / PvP / Resource Patch | Prof. Void Hideout

Hey @everyone,

big title but you will soon realize what it means in detail… :slight_smile:
Or let’s speak the images for itself

Gold Rush II

Resource Rush I

Prof. Void Hideout

Prof. Void Hideout

Position revealed: Black Hole! 0 3000 0! You will see it at the map since it has a blue Admin Core.

But where is Prof. Void?

There are four Stargates… going to four different planets. Each planet is dedicated to a resource(s).

Every hour you have the chance to grab as much resources as possible but watch out!

  • You have only 30 minutes
  • The Stargate is open for 20 minutes for others
  • REMEMBER the code before you enter the Stargates!
  • You can ONLY spawn / fly HVs on the planet (remember you can only bring your inventory back)
  • It is PvP - Black Hole and the Mission planets. Prepare for the fun.

To sum it up: No risk, no fun! But the reward? Holy moly :slight_smile:

This is a little preview of a format I want to use more in HWS 8. The theme is overall called “Contest and Sneak”. Either protect the portals, gank the portals or just sneak in.
It’s quickly adding another dynamic hotspot but still available for PvE people to get a massive resource boost for a very cheap resource / time exchange if they get caught.

Excited to hear your feedback soon.

Your HWS Team


Well…hmm … yes… thanks ? I suppose ?

Of course basically that is big fun for the players and certainly it was a lot of work for the HWS team. Why is it FULL FAIL nevertheless ?

These portals on PVE planets ? Big fun ! Even better if the treasure planet was PVP with several portals leading there (from PVE planets).

But on golden globe ? What you did is nothing but a fan service for the major 50+ members factions owning Golden Globe. What you forget is, that these factions are super rich and have no need to use your portals (or just 1-2 times while it is new).
So what is happening ? These just camp the portals for some pew pew muhahaha lolstomping fun.

Small factions and new players are nothing but cannon fodder, losing also the vehicles that transported them to GG. Do it right or let it be !

My brother and I tried it out yesterday, there was literally zero traffic there. I would not expect that to be camped too much outside of prime time because it is just a waste of time for people that are used to mining on HW or GG.

Thanks for your eloquent feedback, as always.

But next time please respond properly since the Portals are not on Golden Globe but in Black Hole and I see you not even tried it but bla around again.
And if some people are smart, they can read what I wrote here:

I won’t “let it be” to improve the gameplay for those people who can see and appreciate it.
You are welcome to go obviously.

Anyways I fixed the Core type so you can actually spawn HVs inside the instance now. Have fun.


Well i prefer my current GG setup, which can not be beaten by anybody.

You are right, i did not try these portals as i dont like lolstompers shooting me from behind while mining. In the end i could live with these guys, but not with the 20 death stars offering a warm welcome to me when the instance is closing.

Hy, i tried this Missions/ Planets and i think they are a fine Idea.
Now comes the BUT.

BUT, I really think that the position in Black Hole is not the best.
BH allready has his Fights and lags.
Assuming you want to give something to small Fraktions and singleplayers with the Void BH is a bad Choice.
Every PVP nutjob can wait next to the Base and Blow you out of the Sky. He only needs to wait 30 Minutes.

So i would recommend putting it on a Planet (Waterworld comes to Mind).
Why Waterworld?, There you cant build Bases, Only LV1 CV´s Also PVP, but only SV and Player to Player, not Player<> CV so… mutch more fair.

It would also bring more possibilities to HV sector.

It doesnt matter where you put it, but out of BH would be a real win.


Thanks for the feedback.

Will change it for HWS 8.

For technical understanding:

Black Hole is the only playfield I can “toy” around with things because it wipes every day. A POI integration, especially a Stargate + Mission system can only be done on a fresh new playfield.
That is why.

I was guessing this was the case.